University of Manchester welcomes Bressonian exchanges at two-day conference

Notes on Bresson will take place from 30-31 March 2023 at The Martin Harris Centre and we look forward to welcoming academics, postgraduate students and scholars of cinema, as well as filmmakers, artists and aficionados of Bresson and French cinema.

Marking 40 years since Robert Bresson released L’Argent in 1983 - his final film, bookending a 40-year career - The University of Manchester invites critical thinkers, cineastes and creative practitioners to explore Bresson’s oeuvre and its impact on the wider industry in a very special two-day event.

Hosted by The University of Manchester’s Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama, Notes on Bresson is a conference organised in partnership with Richmond, The American University in London (RAIUL) and the UK Bressonian Practice-Based Research Group.

This open and friendly event has been curated to include presentations from thought leaders in cinema, lively panel discussions and intimate screenings, as well as plenty of networking opportunities here in the creative capital of the North of England. The conference encourages participation and debate, ensuring every delegate goes home with a fresh perspective on the great French filmmaker and a wider network.

Jonathan Hourigan, assistant to Robert Bresson on L’Argent, Lecturer in Screenwriting at University of Manchester and co-chair of the conference, says "It’s a great thrill to bring together so many scholars and experts on Bresson, along with filmmakers and artists influenced by him and to explore and celebrate his work in such depth."

are available online now at and the event warmly welcomes postgraduate students of film studies, French studies and philosophy, in addition to academics, cineastes, filmmakers, artists and afficionados of Bresson and French cinema.