Prestigious scholarships supporting research excellence

Doctoral students from around the world have been sharing their experience of receiving a prestigious University scholarship.

The Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships for Research Excellence are made to exceptional candidates living in lower middle-income countries and below and also in Namibia, who have the potential to become outstanding researchers in their fields.
Advertised annually, the scholarships are highly sought after.

The most recent cohort includes students from Kenya, India, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and Bangladesh, undertaking research in areas including politics, law, architecture, optometry and physics.

At an event recently, the seven recipients shared their achievements and showcased their work to an audience including the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Colin Riordan, and Pro Vice-Chancellor, International, Professor Nora de Leeuw.

Tanya Singh, from India is studying in the School of Law and Politics. Speaking about the scholarship, Tanya said: “This scholarship not only has allowed me to study freely for next three years but boosted my confidence level as well. My educational pursuits would not be possible without generous support from Cardiff University.

Recipients of the Scholarship have the opportunity to join the University’s postgraduate researcher community on a full-time basis and receive tuition fees and an annual stipend. They also receive support from the University’s Doctoral Academy, a centre of excellence for training and skills development of postgraduate research students.

Radium Tam, from Hong Kong, who is studying at the Welsh School of Architecture said: “The generosity I received through this scholarship has a much broader impact. The area of one of my case studies is home to almost 50 percent of the surviving pre-13th-century timber buildings in China. It is a land of rich history and culture but also struggling to connect with the fast-developing world. One of my professors used to say heritage dies twice - once when it is out of function, another when it is forgotten. And I hope my research will be able to keep them alive in both ways.”

Mulugeta Getu Sisay from Ethiopia, also studying at the School of Law and Politics added: “I’m very grateful for the scholarship support without which I wouldn’t have been here. Vibrant school, friendly research community, inspirational engagements, tailored trainings and terrific supervision have all defined my time at Cardiff. My engagement in University activities - at the Doctoral Academy and my School in particular - has transformed my capabilities, broadened my perspectives, and sharpened my thoughts beyond expectations.”

Further information on the Vice-Chancellor’s International scholarship is available here.

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