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Law - 14.12.2015
Family court ‘recycles’ one in three young mums
At least 1 in 4 women will return to the family court, having previously lost a child through court order, and the chances of having a child removed increase to at least 1 in 3 for the youngest women who were teenagers at the birth of their first child. A team of researchers, funded by the Nuffield Foundation and led by Professor Karen Broadhurst from Lancaster University, have updated initial findings, presented last year, confirming that a 'hidden population' of mothers are caught up in a cycle of family court proceedings, with one child after another being removed from women's care.

Law - 02.11.2015
Fingerprinting ivory
Scientists from King's College London and University College London have collaborated with imaging and fingerprint experts from the Metropolitan Police to validate the use of new techniques for retrieving fingerprints from ivory for the first time. The findings, published in the journal Science and Justice , could lead to wider use of fingerprinting methods in the field to more easily identify poachers in regions with high levels of ivory-related crime.

Economics - Law - 13.10.2015
Crime study into e-payment fraud reported at joint police and industry conference
Andrew Charlesworth, Reader in IT & Law at the University of Bristol Law School, reported findings from a two-year EU-funded project he undertook on the increasing threat cybercrime poses to the UK's payment industry. The results were disseminated to police officers from national and international agencies, and members of the payments industry, at a conference in Londo.

Health - Law - 15.05.2015
New test detects drug use from a single fingerprint
Research published today in the journal Analyst has demonstrated a new, non-invasive test that can detect cocaine use through a simple fingerprint. For the first time, this new fingerprint method can determine whether cocaine has been ingested, rather than just touched.

Administration - Law - 02.05.2015
Warwick experts help West Midlands Police convict killers
Unique collaboration sees cutting edge research used to prove murder cases Futuristic 3D scanning technology at WMG , University of Warwick is helping West Midlands Police to convict killers thanks to a pioneering new partnership which is providing juries with microscopic evidence previously beyond the reach of forensic testing.

Law - Administration - 23.02.2015
Tobacco Industry’s spurious claims on plain packaging must be challenged
In this letter, published in the Law Society Gazette, QMUL's Jonathan Griffiths challenges "undue pessimism" about the UK's imminent legislation on plain packaging. Richard Taylor is unduly pessimistic about the UK's imminent legislation on standardised packaging for tobacco products. He suggests that the government will be taking a 'massive gamble', because the tobacco industry will challenge the uncompensated regulation of their 'brands' as a violation of the property right protected under the European Union's Charter of Fundamental Rights (article 17).