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Location: Southampton - South East England
Burgess Road Library, Burgess Rd, Southampton SO16 3HD, UK


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Health - 26.09
Research Fellow University of Southampton
Linguistics/Literature - 26.09
Lecturer in Digital Literatures and Cultures University of Southampton
Health - 25.09
Research Fellow in Neuroimmunology University of Southampton
Physics - 25.09
Research Fellow in Time-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy University of Southampton
Linguistics/Literature - 25.09
Associate Professor in World Literatures University of Southampton
Health - 25.09
Associate Professor / Professor University of Southampton
Computer Science - 25.09
Lecturer University of Southampton
Innovation - 25.09
Engineer University of Southampton
Astronomy/Space Science - 25.09
Lecturer / Associate Professor in Aeronautics and Astronautics University of Southampton


Environment - Sep 25

People across Kenya were mysteriously plunged into darkness last month as the country suffered its worst power outage in a generation - except for a tiny remote village. Now experts from the University of Southampton have revealed how their mini grid powerplant, fuelled solely by the sun's energy, kept the lights on across the community of Kitonyoni, in Kenya's eastern province.

Art and Design

Promising artists from Southampton have spoken of their delight after their work was chosen from hundreds for a new exhibition in Hampshire.

History / Archeology

Why are pirates called 'pirates'- Because they arrr! Arrr matey, it's International Talk Like a Pirate Day today - but, where did this day come from? And how do pirates really talk? Stephanie Jones , Professor of English at the University of Southampton, has dedicated part of her career to researching pirates and piracy.

Cross-national research carried out by the University of Southampton and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA) into public opinion on LGBT+ rights has shown that anti-immigrant prejudices, particularly towards Muslims, contributes to explaining some of the widespread shifts in tolerance towards the LGBT+ community.

History / Archeology

Archaeologists have discovered a major Palaeolithic cave art site, arguably the most important found on the Eastern Iberian Coast in Europe.

Health - Sep 20

A study conducted at the University of Southampton has shown a significant increase in the risk of patient incidents in mental health and community wards when the majority of shifts in a ward-day are 12 hours or longer.

Physics - Sep 19

An international pioneer in silicon photonics, from the University of Southampton, has been awarded a top medal from the Royal Society of Engineering.

Environment - Sep 13

A new film offering an insight into one man's awakening to climate change - and subsequent climate anxiety - will receive a one-off screening in Southampton on Tuesday 3 October 2023.

Economics - Sep 11

Engineers from the University of Southampton have welcomed a new report which is seeking to upskill British shipbuilding.