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Media - Computer Science - 11.12.2015
How to feed and raise a Wikipedia robo-editor
Dr Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh from QMUL's School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science looks at what it takes to teach an AI how to read natural human languages. Wikipedia is to put artificial intelligence to the enormous task of keeping the free, editable online encyclopedia up-to-date, spam-free and legal.

Social Sciences - Media - 03.11.2015
Journalist killers are escaping justice, research finds
Centre for the Freedom of the Media investigating the safety of journalists around the world Issue of journalistic freedom and the public right to know to be discussed in Question Time style debate in Sheffield Event is part of the Economic and Social Research Council Festival of Social Science Those who murder journalists are managing to escape justice, according to ongoing research by the University of Sheffield.

Media - Earth Sciences - 15.09.2015
Wikipedia world view 'shaped by editors in the West'
A new Oxford University study has found that nearly half of all edits to articles about places on Wikipedia were made by editors living in just five countries: the UK, US, France, Germany and Italy. áThe researchers geocoded Wikipedia edit entries on articles mentioning places and also found there were more editors in the Netherlands than all of Africa combined.