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Health - Career - 09.10.2013
One in three older people experience age discrimination
One in three older people experience age discrimination
New research from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) reveals 33 per cent of all older people experience perceived age discrimination, with less wealthy older men being at highest risk. The study highlights the high levels of age discrimination faced by older people, a situation that worsens as they age.

Administration - Career - 26.03.2013
Manchester Chief Constable makes diversity pledge
The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police has said he will ensure his staff are treated fairly and that he will build a diverse workforce. Sir Peter Fahy has accepted the recommendations of a University of Manchester report, which found that ethnicity was a factor in internal misconduct and counter-corruption investigations involving police officers and staff.

Career - Health - 05.03.2013
Disabled employees more likely to be attacked and bullied at work, research finds
Employees with disabilities are twice as likely to be attacked at work and experience much higher rates of insults, ridicule and intimidation, a new study has found. Research from the universities of Plymouth and Cardiff found people with physical or psychological disabilities or long-term illness reported higher rates of 21 types of ill-treatment than did other workers.

Economics - Career - 25.02.2013
Entrepreneurs really do matter as study shows 60% sales drop after founders die
The death of a founding entrepreneur wipes out on average 60 per cent of a firm's sales and cuts jobs by around 17 per cent, according to a new study. The research, by Sascha O. Becker at the University of Warwick and Hans K. Hvide at the University of Bergen, sheds light on exactly how much a founder-entrepreneur 'matters' in terms of influencing the performance of privately-owned businesses.

Health - Career - 21.01.2013
Cleaning jobs linked to asthma risk
Cleaning jobs linked to asthma risk
A new study has found strong evidence for a link between cleaning jobs and risk of developing asthma. Researchers at Imperial College London tracked the occurrence of asthma in a group of 9,488 people born in Britain in 1958. Not including those who had asthma as children, nine per cent developed asthma by age 42.