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Pedagogy - Health - 20.12.2012
Occasional family meals boost kids’ fruit and veg intake
Eating meals together as a family, even if only twice a week, boosts children's daily fruit and vegetable intake to near the recommended 5 A Day, according to researchers at the University of Leeds. It is published today in the British Medical Journal’s Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health .

Pedagogy - 22.10.2012
Toddlers more responsive to accents of peers than parents
Infants are more likely to recognise words spoken in the dialect of their local communities than those used by their parents, psychologists have revealed. A study at Plymouth University has shown toddlers are more receptive to regional accents which might be spoken in nurseries and playgroups, even if they are vastly different to those spoken in the home.

Pedagogy - 27.07.2012
Baby care from East to West
Mums and Dads from opposite sides of the globe will share their experience of raising their children to help researchers build a picture of the effects of culture and individual beliefs on parenting practices. Merideth Gattis from the University's School of Psychology is working with Professor Terry Au of Hong Kong University to evaluate parenting choices in Britain and China.

Health - Pedagogy - 01.06.2012
Baby wipes as safe as using water, study finds
New research has found that a brand of baby wipes is just as safe and hydrating as using water alone on newborn skin, suggesting official guidance may need updating. The University of Manchester study, published in BioMed Central's open-access journal BMC Paediatrics , compared Johnson's Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes against cotton wool and water on 280 newborn babies split into two groups over a three-year period.

Pedagogy - Health - 13.04.2012
Depressed dads more negative in talking to their babies
Depressed dads more negative in talking to their babies
Dads with 'postnatal' depression are more likely to fix on negatives and be more critical of themselves when talking to their new babies. The study by Oxford University researchers is the first to look at the speech of new fathers with depression in their early interactions with their babies.

Pedagogy - Administration - 20.03.2012
How to assess quality of childcare
A new study concludes that Ofsted grades are too broad to provide a detailed measure of quality in nurseries and preschools. The study carried out by the University of Oxford and A+ Education for the charity, Daycare Trust, found that Ofsted reports are best used alongside other existing quality assessments.