Manchester palaeontologist to hit Hollywood red carpet ahead of lead role in international dinosaur documentary

A palaeontologist from The University of Manchester is set to walk the red carpet in Hollywood as the lead expert and Executive Producer of a new documentary WHY DINOSAURS’, which offers a ground-breaking exploration of our prehistoric world.

Dr Dean Lomax, a world-renowned palaeontologist and an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Manchester, played a pivotal role shaping the scientific narrative in the film, and sharing his profound insight and expertise about the impressive creatures that once roamed the Earth.

Dr Lomax will introduce the documentary at a star-studded, red carpet premiere in the heart of Hollywood on November 3.

He said: "This film is for everyone who ever played with dinosaurs as a kid, wanted to be a palaeontologist and dig up dinosaurs, or loved movies like Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

"It’s a timeless story that will inspire girls and boys across the planet to pursue science in a variety of disciplines - not just palaeontology - as well as boost attendance at natural history museums for decades to come.

"The film not only captures the buzz about dinosaurs in popular culture but dives deep into the science - speaking with researchers from around the world, discussing recent discoveries and challenging our preconceptions about dinosaur science.

"As a palaeontologist who is always excited to share my passion with the public, I am thrilled to be talking about dinosaurs on the big stage and introducing the film in the heart of Hollywood."

WHY DINOSAURS? is written and directed by father and teenage son Tony and James Pinto - both first-time filmmakers.

What started as a passion project six years ago gained huge traction on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Now, it has reached the big screen in Hollywood to be played in front of hundreds of dinosaur fans, celebrities, and world-renowned experts in the field.

The documentary follows dino-obsessed teenager James and his father on a journey around the world, interviewing more than 65 seasoned palaeontologists, including Dr Lomax, amateur fossil hunters, artists, and dinosaur fanatics from the United States, Canada, UK, Morocco, China, and Patagonia.

On this global adventure, together they track down the director of Jurassic World , see the world’s largest dinosaur toy collection, and dig up real dinosaur bones.

Tony Pinto said: "WHY DINOSAURS? isn’t the traditional computer-generated dinosaur reconstructions and celebrity-narrated prehistoric documentary. Instead, we introduce the genuine voices of working palaeontologists, science communicators, artists, and dinosaur fanatics to tell a brief history of palaeontology and explore the world’s fascination with dinosaurs in popular culture."

WHY DINOSAURS? is G-rated, 90 minutes long, and anticipated to be available for purchase or streaming in early 2024.