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Art and Design - 27.04.2023
Traces of Displacement - Exhibition telling stories about displacement launches at the Whitworth Art Gallery
The Whitworth presents Traces of Displacement, an exhibition using the Whitworth's collection to address one of the major humanitarian concerns of the 20th and 21st centuries - forced displacement from 7 April 2023 until 7 January 2024.

Art and Design - Career - 06.03.2023

Art and Design - Career - 02.03.2023

Art and Design - 30.01.2023
Exhibition explores inclusive art education
Work created by neurodivergent and learning disabled artists is going on show at the University of Leeds next week in a new exhibition which explores how they can develop their careers.

Art and Design - 12.12.2022
Five Art History staff publications announced
The Department of Art History has recently announced the publication of several new titles from researchers and academics, each covering vastly unique and insightful subject matter.

Art and Design - Health - 09.12.2022

Art and Design - 05.12.2022
Advent unveiling for intriguing Madonna and Child
Advent unveiling for intriguing Madonna and Child
An Italian Renaissance painting of the Madonna and Child that has long been shrouded in mystery has gone on display following extensive restoration.

Event - Art and Design - 10.11.2022

Art and Design - History / Archeology - 02.11.2022

Event - Art and Design - 27.10.2022

Art and Design - 21.10.2022

Linguistics / Literature - Art and Design - 14.10.2022
New collection reveals hidden histories of Live Art and experimental theatre in Scotland
New collection reveals hidden histories of Live Art and experimental theatre in Scotland
Artists have been creating exciting performance and unconventional, adventurous productions in Scotland for decades.

Art and Design - Health - 06.09.2022
Intimate experience of Polish essential workers during COVID showcased in fine art exhibition
A travelling fine art exhibition documents the intimate experiences of Polish migrant essential workers across the UK in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Art and Design - Health - 19.07.2022
Art Extraordinary collection finds new home at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
A unique collection of Scottish 'outsider art' is being celebrated with its first-ever permanent display at Glasgow Life's Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Campus - Art and Design - 06.06.2022
'Write fewer papers, take more risks': researchers call for 'rebellion'
’Write fewer papers, take more risks’: researchers call for ’rebellion’
A group of education specialists are urging researchers to challenge the -structures and regulations- which define academic scholarship, arguing that different approaches are needed in an age of climate change, COVID-19 and rising populism.

Art and Design - Environment - 05.05.2022
Glasgow Science Festival makes a splash with programme launch
The Glasgow Science Festival is setting out to make a splash as it returns with an expanded programme of in-person events in June under the theme of 'Glasgow's Making Waves'.

Earth Sciences - Art and Design - 17.01.2022

Social Sciences - Art and Design - 20.12.2021

Art and Design - Social Sciences - 16.12.2021
Best Research Film of the Year
'The Art of Peace, Medellín' has been awarded Best Research Film of the Year by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) for its depiction of how marginalised youth in the city of Medellín, Colombia, create alternatives to violence through arts.

Art and Design - Physics - 12.10.2021
AI used to reproduce 'lost' Picasso nude
AI used to reproduce ’lost’ Picasso nude
A painting of a naked woman by Pablo Picasso that has been hidden beneath one of his 'Blue Period' masterpieces for more than a century, has been recreated by UCL scientists using a combination of X-rays, AI and 3D-printing. PhD researchers Anthony Bourached (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology) and George Cann (UCL Space and Climate Physics) have developed a five-step technology to reproduce art works, that have been painted over.

Art and Design - History / Archeology - 17.08.2021

History / Archeology - Art and Design - 04.08.2021
Scottish and Irish researchers to investigate ancient Ogham script
Academics from Scotland and Ireland are harnessing cutting-edge digital and 3D technologies to protect the inscriptions and transform our understanding of the ancient Celtic Ogham writing system, it was announced today.
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