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History / Archeology - Architecture - 19.01.2021
Opinion: Empty cities have long been a post-apocalyptic trope - now, they are a reality
Lecturer Paul Dobraszczyk (UCL Bartlett School of Architecture) uses the emptiness of the Covid-19 lockdown to explore what 'dead cities' represent to us in film, literature and real life.

Campus - Architecture - 18.12.2020

Campus - Architecture - 18.11.2020
Can one iconic UCL building really say so much about who we are?
PhD candidate Annamaria Dall'Anese shares how the Introductory Programme prompted her to think about what our academic spaces say about UCL's past, and how we can shape their future.

Architecture - 25.01.2020

Architecture - 09.09.2019

Event - Architecture - 24.05.2019

Architecture - History / Archeology - 28.02.2018

Architecture - 15.02.2018

Art and Design - Architecture - 05.02.2018

Architecture - Environment - 22.01.2018
E-Genie tool could grant energy saving wishes for businesses
A new monitoring tool for businesses has been developed by researchers at the University of Nottingham to help reduce energy use and cut costs. The e-Genie tool is an energy feedback system created by researchers at the University of Nottingham's school of Psychology and Horizon Digital Economy Institute with the purpose of engaging staff with energy data and supporting them to take action to reduce energy use.

Astronomy / Space Science - Architecture - 23.11.2017
University attractions are big hit at Lumiere 2017
Lumiere has been declared as a resounding success with Durham University's attractions and expertise playing a major part in the UK's biggest light festival.

Economics / Business - Architecture - 12.10.2017

Architecture - 19.09.2017
An Imperial researcher discusses advances in aircraft air quality
Professor Peter Childs from the Dyson School of Design Engineering discusses air quality in aircraft cabins in his Q&A.

Architecture - Administration - 09.08.2017
Gabriel Epstein (1918-2017)
The University regrets to report the death of one of our original architects, Gabriel Epstein, on Tuesday 25th July.

Architecture - Health - 28.07.2017
University Statement : Oxford Hospitals Fire Safety
In response to today's announcement by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust concerning fire safety at its hospital sites, the University's Head of the Division of Medical Sciences, Professor Christopher Kennard, has written to staff.

Event - Architecture - 20.07.2017

Architecture - Life Sciences - 29.06.2017
Meet the man behind the Dinosaurs of China exhibition
Pioneering research by a University of Nottingham academic has transformed museums in China, laying the foundation for the exclusive Dinosaurs of China exhibition which is coming to the city.

Architecture - Art and Design - 28.06.2017
Work gets underway on Welsh-designed Indian temple
After almost eight years of designing and planning, construction has finally begun on an ancient Indian temple designed by Cardiff architect Professor Adam Hardy.

Architecture - 14.06.2017
Clean energy stored in electric vehicles to power buildings
Energy stored in electric vehicles can be used to power large buildings, thanks to ground-breaking research from WMG, University of Warwick Researchers discover that by intelligently managing vehicle-to-grid technology, energy from idle vehicle batteries can be pumped back into the grid - and this would improve vehicle battery life by around 10% 'Smart grid' developed, which calculates how much energy can be taken from electric vehicles without

Architecture - 04.06.2017

Architecture - Environment - 01.03.2017
Back to the future of skyscraper design
Back to the future of skyscraper design
Answers to the problem of crippling electricity use by skyscrapers and large public buildings could be 'exhumed' from ingenious but forgotten architectural designs of the 19th and early 20th century - according to a world authority on climate and building design.

Architecture - 08.02.2017
Team create giant installation out of 25,000 pencils
Staff and students from the Welsh School of Architecture showcase novel design structure in Barcelona Staff and students from Cardiff University have taken to one of Europe's grandest cities to set-up a novel design installation with a twist.

Architecture - Environment - 16.12.2016
UCL Bartlett School of Architecture opens new home
UCL Bartlett School of Architecture opens new home
UCL opened today the new central London home of the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture which will provide facilities for 1,000 staff and students and is the first major project to be completed in the university's programme to upgrade its Bloomsbury campus.

Earth Sciences - Architecture - 09.12.2016

Architecture - 31.10.2016
‘The Hunterian in the South’ is launched at the University’s Crichton campus
The Hunterian in the South - a new rotational display giving a flavour of the University of Glasgow's Hunterian collections - has been launched officially at the University's Crichton campus in Dumfries.

Civil Engineering - Architecture - 30.06.2016
Living on the edge: succeeding in the slums
Cities exist in a state of constant flux: not always 'smart' and successful, they can be vulnerable, chaotic and seem on the edge of failure.

Civil Engineering - Architecture - 23.06.2016
Would you live in a city made of bone?
The cities of today are built with concrete and steel - but some Cambridge researchers think that the cities of the future need to go back to nature if they are to support an ever-expanding population, while keeping carbon emissions under control.

Environment - Architecture - 01.06.2016
Innovating for the future of cities
Today, we commence a month-long focus on the future of cities.
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