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Pedagogy - Mar 30
Families with school age children are being asked to take part in research for the University of Sussex. A team of psychologists led by Alison Lacey and Dr Kathryn Lester and including Professor Samantha Carthwright-Hatton is investigating how family life and well-being are being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Social Sciences - Mar 30

Eight years of research by a University of Sussex lecturer has resulted in a new book which challenges the standard terms of the immigration debate and shows how sharing life stories can help unite people through a vision of common humanity.

Agronomy - Mar 25

Rowse Honey, the UK's leading spread brand, visited the Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects (LASI) last month to hear about the body of research their funding has helped to make possible.

Mathematics - Mar 19

A Research Fellow from the University of Sussex has worked with a team of mathematicians to help Natural England identify the most beneficial places to plant 10,000 hectares of new woodland.

Materials Science - Mar 19
Materials Science

Ā£1 million for nanotech: invisibility cloaks, smart tyres and supermarket tags. Scientists at the University of Sussex have secured a major cash boost for their research into the real-world applications of nanomaterials.

Social Sciences - Mar 26
Social Sciences

Me, Not You: The Trouble with Mainstream Feminism by Alison Phipps is published on 6 April 2020 - A new book by Alison Phipps , Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Sussex, pulls back the curtain on #MeToo and other recent feminist campaigns against sexual violence.

Environment - Mar 25

Hippos imported into Colombia by drug lord Pablo Escobar could have helped to restore ecological diversity in the surrounding area, according to a new study.

Health - Mar 19

Book by expert immunologist offers clear and educated advice during time of misinformation and worry. A new book by a University of Sussex lecturer offers readers simple, clear and educated advice on what it takes to protect our immune system, while breaking down misinformation and myth.

Environment - Mar 18

Experts have stressed an urgent need to find alternatives to wormers and anti-ectoparasitic products used widely on cattle, following the findings of a study just published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

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