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Health - Jan 19
The RECOVERY trial was established as a randomised clinical trial to test a range of potential treatments for COVID-19. 
Pedagogy - Jan 19

Parental stress, depression, and anxiety have again increased since new national restrictions have been introduced according to the latest report from the Oxford University-led COVID-19 Supporting Parents, Adolescents, and Children in Epidemics (Co-SPACE) study, based on data from over 6000 UK parents.

Health - Jan 14

The new, Oxford-developed method for subtyping ovarian cancer has been validated in a recent collaboration between the University of Oxford and Imperial College London. Dubbed the 'Oxford Classic', researchers have demonstrated that it enables the accurate prediction of patient disease outcome, as well as the development of new targeted cancer therapies.

Health - Jan 11

New study shows targeting arterial stiffening earlier in a person's lifespan could provide cognitive benefits in older age and may help to delay the onset of dementia.

Social Sciences - Dec 17, 2020
Social Sciences

A new web portal has been set-up to bring together the wide range of initiatives running across the collegiate University that engage with Oxford's colonial past and its ongoing manifestations.

Health - Jan 14

A new study led by the University of Oxford on over 90,000 participants shows that there is no upper threshold to the benefits of exercise in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease - 'every move counts towards better cardiovascular health.'

History - Jan 12

Prof. Stephen Baxter is a world-leading expert on Domesday Book. His research has formed the basis of radio and television documentaries, including on the Domesday survey (BBC2) .

Life Sciences - Dec 18, 2020
Life Sciences

Using the highest resolution satellite imagery currently available - Worldview 3 - from Maxar Technologies and deep learning, (TensorFlow API, Google Brain) researchers at the University of Oxford Wildlife Conservation Research Unit and Machine Learning Research Group have detected elephants from space with comparable accuracy to human detection capabilities.

Health - Dec 16, 2020

Professor Sir Rory Collins, Head of the Nuffield Department of Population Health, and Principal Investigator and Chief Executive of UK Biobank, has been awarded the Medical Research Council (MCR) Millennium Medal 2020, the MRC's most prestigious personal award.

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