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Innovation - Sep 17
Scientists discover novel viruses carried by the Scottish midge. Scotland's biting midge population carries previously-unknown viruses, according to new research. The study - published in Viruses and carried out by scientists at the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research (CVR) - used high throughput sequencing to study, for the first time, the total collection of viruses in the biting midge ( Culicoides impunctatus ).
Social Sciences - Sep 17

Researchers based at the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research have published a major new report which consolidates existing knowledge on violence in Scotland.

Environment - Sep 11

The city of Glasgow has been successful in its bid to host the United Nations Climate Change Summit in 2020. The 26th Conference of the Parties, known as COP26, will see around 30,000 delegates from all over the world attend the event which is designed to produce an international response to climate emergency.

Health - Sep 9

Lung cancer can be spotted earlier and diagnosed more precisely with the help of a blood test, a major study carried out in Scotland has found. The Early Detection of Cancer of the Lung Scotland (ECLS) is the world's largest clinical biomarker trial looking into detecting early lung cancer using a blood test.

Astronomy - Sep 5

Dr Luke Daly, Research Associate in Solar System Science at the University of Glasgow's School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, holding a piece of a Martian nakhlite meteorite. Modern analysis of Martian meteorites has revealed unprecedented details about how asteroid impacts help create temporary sources of running water on the red planet.

Administration - Sep 11

The Principal of the University of Glasgow, Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, has described the Government's decision to allow international students to stay in the UK for two years after graduation as "a welcome move".

Administration - Sep 10

Aimee and Warren Crawford try out the new board game prototype in the School of Law's courtroom. University of Glasgow academics are developing a board game to help the public negotiate the complex legal world of marriage.

History - Sep 6

Garmian Civilizations Museum. New museum spaces and educational resources to engage Iraqi children and the wider public in the archaeology and history of the region and raise awareness of the country's rich and diverse cultural heritage have been officially launched.

Life Sciences - Sep 4

Scientists have visualised for the first time protein 'tangles' associated with dementia in the brains of patients who have suffered a single head injury. This is the finding of a new study led by scientists from Imperial College London, published Translational Medicine.

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