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Pharmacology - Nov 21
A team of Cardiff University researchers has uncovered a potential new way to treat a very rare genetic disorder that causes muscles in the arms and legs to become increasingly weak. GNE myopathy is a debilitating condition that affects young adults in their 20s or 30s, typically leaving them in a wheelchair within years.
Astronomy - Nov 19

The leftovers from a spectacular supernova that revolutionised our understanding of how stars end their lives have finally been spotted by astronomers at Cardiff University. The scientists claim to have found evidence of the location of a neutron star that was left behind when a massive star ended its life in a gigantic explosion, leading to a famous supernova dubbed Supernova 1987A.

Innovation - Nov 15

Cardiff University has placed third in a new UK ranking which measures how well universities perform in converting their research into successful companies. The ‘Research to Riches' report highlights UK institutions that are best at creating high-value spinouts.

Career - Nov 13

By signing the declaration, the University is committing to support and promote the responsible use of metrics and quantitative indicators of research and assess research excellence through a process of qualitative review rather than using proxy measures of quality, such as publication in journals with a high impact factor.

Linguistics - Nov 6

The life of a maverick Welsh collector who built the first major collection of books about Wales is being celebrated 200 years after his birth.

Environment - Nov 18

Wind speeds across the globe have increased rapidly over the past decade signalling good news for the renewable energy industry, scientists say. New findings have shown that a worrying trend of decreasing wind speeds since the 1970s, a phenomenon known as global terrestrial stilling, has now been reversed with a significant increase observed since 2010.

Life Sciences - Nov 15

Researchers from the Universities of Cardiff and Bristol have devised a test that could in future help to identify children at risk of developing a very common eye condition. Short-sightedness, or myopia, usually develops during childhood and is thought to affect up to one in three people in the UK.

Pedagogy - Nov 8

University project with National Education Union Cymru will help combat ‘fake news' A free new online resource is being launched which aims to equip primary school pupils with the basics of news reporting.

Physics - Nov 6

Laser microscopy might not be the most obvious inspiration for dance. But the cutting-edge research of one Cardiff University scientist is being used as the basis for a new contemporary work.

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