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History - Aug 15
Cardiff University's School of History, Archaeology and Religion has welcomed its first lecturer in Modern Jewish History. Dr Jaclyn Granick's new role is the first to sit across History and Religion courses, meaning students on both undergraduate programmes will get the opportunity to attend her lectures.
Social Sciences - Aug 9

Children who are constantly moved around the social care system are more likely to be vulnerable to sexual exploitation, new research concludes. Dr Sophie Hallett of Cardiff University led the study, which used case records to track a cohort of 205 children involved with social services in one Welsh local authority.

Social Sciences - Aug 7

The number of self-harm incidents in Welsh prisons has reached record levels, figures from Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre show.

Environment - Aug 6

Retreating sea ice in the Arctic is altering the gut bacteria of polar bears, potentially holding negative implications for the long-term health of the species, finds a new study by Cardiff University and the United States Geological Survey.

Psychology - Aug 2

Levels of the stress hormone cortisol are higher in women who give birth in the autumn and winter than those who give birth in the spring or summer, finds a new study by researchers at Cardiff University.

Earth Sciences - Aug 8

Cardiff University scientists have revealed the true extent of the internal ‘plumbing system' that drives volcanic activity around the world. An examination of pockets of magma contained within crystals has revealed that the large chambers of molten rock which feed volcanoes can extend to over 16 km beneath the Earth's surface.

Computer Science - Aug 6

Artificial intelligence is being used to tackle anti-Polish hate crime in the run up to Brexit. Researchers at HateLab, based at Cardiff University, are working with Samurai Labs, a Polish Artificial Intelligence laboratory, to monitor aggressive social media content and pinpoint any connections to offline events.

Health - Aug 2

Fans attending the Manchester United v AC Milan clash in Cardiff on Saturday are being urged to support vital Cardiff University cancer research. Matchgoers are invited to donate as they enter the Principality Stadium for the International Champions Cup fixture.

Environment - Aug 2

A consortium of 32 scientists from across Africa and beyond carried out the research amplified by climate change. Groundwater plays a central role in sustaining water supplies and livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa due to its widespread availability, generally high quality, and intrinsic ability to buffer episodes of drought and increasing climate variability.

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