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Environment - Sep 18
Addressing climate change requires a ‘high' or ‘extremely high' level of urgency, say more than three in five people. Two-thirds of people also support limiting air travel in order to address climate change, whilst just over half are in support of reducing the amount of meat in our diets.
Environment - Sep 17

A new study, including scientists from Cardiff University and published today , discovers a clear climatic signature on rivers globally that challenges existing theories. If you walk from a river's source to its mouth, you walk a path that descends in elevation.

Chemistry - Sep 16

The power of nature could soon be used to create day-to-day materials such as paints, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in a much more environmentally friendly way, thanks to a new breakthrough from scientists at Cardiff University.

Business - Sep 9

An expert in gender stereotypes and consumer culture predicts new advertising rules in the UK may result in sperm banks overhauling their marketing strategies. Cardiff University academic Dr Francesca Sobande was lead author on a research paper which concluded sperm banks in the UK and Australia are using gender archetypes to attract donors because laws prohibit them from paying for sperm.

Environment - Sep 5

Scientists at Cardiff University have helped develop a task force of ‘Protect Rangers' to safeguard the wildlife in the forests of Borneo and defend animals against illegal poaching. A total of 25 rangers have been recruited with the help of experts in the University's Danau Girang Field Centre and will take up a position within the Sabah Forestry Departments Protect Unit.

Media - Sep 16

Researchers at Cardiff University will study how effectively broadcast outlets are tackling the spread of so-called fake news and disinformation. Led by Professor Stephen Cushion and Dr Maria Kyriakidou at the School of Journalism, Media and Culture, the two-year project will investigate the production and output of disinformation reporting.

Business - Sep 12

Businesses are being invited to take part in a Cardiff University project measuring the impact of digital technologies in Wales. The Digital Maturity Survey for Wales 2019, the nation's fourth annual survey, assesses how broadband affects business performance in Wales' small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Environment - Sep 6

The Cardiff University/Cardiff Half Marathon has launched a new Green Action Plan to ensure sustainability is at the heart of the race. Event organisers Run 4 Wales alongside title partner Cardiff University are committed to minimising the environmental impact of Wales' largest mass-participation event by delivering on this ambitious green plan.

Business - Sep 4

An ambitious programme to drive innovation in the creative sector has awarded grants totalling 1m to 23 businesses in South Wales. Clwstwr, which is led by Cardiff University, in partnership with the University of South Wales and Cardiff Metropolitan University, is a five-year research and development programme that aims to nurture a thriving media production hub around the Welsh capital.

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