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Life Sciences - Oct 19
Study reveals brain mechanisms underlying irrational decision-making "If we can't control our in-built attraction to happy endings, then we can't trust our choices to serve our best interests." Martin Vestergaard Humans are hard-wired to prefer experiences that end well, and the influence of previous experience declines the longer ago it happened.
Health - Oct 15

Despite more of the population staying at home as government policies on COVID-19 become stricter, a study has found that a person's personality influences how likely they are to stay at home during the pandemic - and cannot be entirely overridden.

Health - Oct 14

An international study finds that people who rate coronavirus conspiracy theories as more reliable are much less likely to say they will get vaccinated.

Computer Science - Oct 12
Computer Science

Virtual reality software which allows researchers to 'walk' inside and analyse individual cells could be used to understand fundamental problems in biology and develop new treatments for disease.

- Oct 8

Ļ呼吸捕捉到细胞运动引导,3D打印的 小透明导电纤维可用于制造oe够-嗅、听和触摸-的 备-这oe得 在健康监测、物联oe和生物传感等应用方面有着诸多用途。 剑桥大学的研究人员通过3D打印技术(又名增材制造技术)制造出了比人类发丝细100倍的电子纤维

Economics - Oct 15

An award-winning team from Cambridge, Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia has been bolstering entrepreneurship in Southern Africa and supporting some exciting new ventures in the process. Around 20,000 people in Botswana are hearing impaired.

Electroengineering - Oct 13

Researchers have developed a new approach to printed electronics which allows ultra-low power electronic devices that could recharge from ambient light or radiofrequency noise.

Physics - Oct 12

A research collaboration between the University of Cambridge,Queen Mary University of London and the Institute for High Pressure Physics in Troitsk has discovered the fastest possible speed of sound.

Innovation - Oct 6

A new researchcentrefocused on improving support for lifelong learning and cognitive agility opened on 1 October 2020 in Singapore.

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Life Sciences - 15.10
Post-doc Position Geneva Platelet Group University of Geneva
Electroengineering - 15.10
Research Associate Digital Energy Systems (80-100%) Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Computer Science - 09.10
Postdoc in data sciences HES-SO Geneva
Agronomy/Food Science - 08.10
Staff Research Scientist - Trade and Market Analysis Agroscope
Economics/Business - 07.10
UAS lecturer in commodity trading Activity HES-SO Geneva

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