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Life Sciences - Jan 16
Scientists have made a significant discovery about the genetic origins of how plants evolved from living in water to land 470 million years ago. The new study, led by scientists from the universities of Bristol and Essex and published today [16 January] in Current Biology , challenge the established view of the origin of plants on land, and reveal that compared to the origin of animals, plants are better at inventing new genes during periods of evolution.
Pharmacology - Jan 16

Patients in GP surgeries in Bristol are being invited to take part in a large trial of low-dose amitriptyline for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) lead by researchers from the universities of Bristol, Leeds and Southampton.

Veterinary Science - Jan 15

The longitudinal study, which is being undertaken by academics in the Animal Behaviour and Welfare Group at Bristol Veterinary School, is seeking to sign up prospective dog owners, or those seeking to add another dog to their family, between now and the end of August 2020, so if you are consideri

Life Sciences - Jan 15

Most animals need to move, whether this is to seek out food, shelter or a mate. New research has shown that movement doesn't always break camouflage and if an animal needs to move, animals that are unpatterned and use short, fast movements are less likely to be located by predators.

Chemistry - Jan 13

As smokers know all too well, nicotine is highly addictive. It's hard to quit smoking, a habit that claims the lives of more than seven million people each year.

Health - Jan 15

One in five young people have fatty liver disease (steatosis), with one in 40 having already developed liver scarring (fibrosis), research published today [15 January] has found.

Life Sciences - Jan 15
Life Sciences

Some forms of camouflage have evolved in animals to exploit a loophole in the way predators perceive their symmetrical markings.

Music - Jan 15

Understanding the behaviour of the Internet with its inherent complexity and scale is essential when designing new Internet systems and applications.

Business - Jan 13

The 12 month collaboration, facilitated by sustainability experts, Carnstone , will see University of Bristol researchers working with sustainability and technology teams at the BBC, Dentsu Aegis N

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