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Computer Science - Oct 28
Computer Science
The University of Bristol is one of four international institutions selected to form a partnership within the new National Science Foundation (NSF) project, Fabric Across Borders (FAB).
Life Sciences - Oct 28
Life Sciences

Pterodactyls and related winged reptiles that lived alongside the dinosaurs steadily improved their ability to fly, becoming the deadly masters of the sky, over the course of millions of years.

Chemistry - Oct 28

A major goal in organic synthesis is to develop efficient reactions to convert feedstock chemicals (otherwise known as raw or natural materials) into valuable reagents that can be used to create pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

Microtechnics - Oct 26

Would you trust a robot surgeon? What about a robot pilot, shop assistant or emergency responder? Would you trust them if they had the ability to adapt and change how they functioned? What would it take to make them trustworthy? These are some of the questions driving a team of social scientists, ethicists, computer scientists and engineers at the University of Bristol

Health - Oct 22

A new study which aims to understand why some people find walking difficult is looking for volunteers.

Earth Sciences - Oct 28
Earth Sciences

Stromboli, the 'lighthouse of the Mediterranean', is known for its low-energy but persistent explosive eruptions, behaviour that is known scientifically as Strombolian activity. This feature has long been an attraction for tourists and volcanologists from all over the world.

Astronomy - Oct 28

Experiencing life on Mars could be more than just a fantastical notion, thanks to a new collaboration that has seen artists come together with scientists, architects and engineers to create a full-scale house for the future, in Bristol.

Health - Oct 26

A study looking at how children's immune systems respond to COVID-19, and to vaccines for other infectious diseases, is asking children under the age of 20 who live in the Bristol area to consider taking part. The research project is being run by the Bristol Children's Vaccine Centre (BCVC) at Bristol Medical School, and the Oxford Vaccine Group which is part of the University of Oxford.

Pharmacology - Oct 22

The AstraZeneca Oxford COVID-19 vaccine (ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 and also known as AZD1222) now undergoing Phase III clinical trials, has already undergone rigorous testing to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety. Now a team at Bristol University has used recently developed techniques to further validate that the vaccine accurately follows the genetic instructions programmed into it by the Oxford team. This novel analysis provides even greater clarity and detail about how the vaccine successfully provokes a strong immune response.

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