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Career - Nov 24
A company working with experts from the University of Birmingham and King's College London has been awarded funding by Innovate UK to produce custom-fitted, reusable, medical grade facemasks that will fit all people regardless of age, sex or ethnicity.
Life Sciences - Nov 24

Increased consumption of flavanols - a group of molecules which occur naturally in fruit and vegetables - can increase your mental agility, according to new research.

Health - Nov 23

Scientists at the University of Birmingham have developed a new sensor to measure weak magnetic signals in the brain, which has the potential to increase understanding of connectivity in the brain, and detect signs of traumatic brain injury, dementia and schizophrenia.

Environment - Nov 20

People across Latin America unable to adequately heat and power their homes are set to benefit from a major new international research project that aims to address ‘energy vulnerability' and help create sustainable energy systems.

Health - Nov 20

Every part of society has been impacted by Covid-19, but its longest lasting effects may well be on the young, with those due to sit GCSEs and A levels, or equivalent, this summer amongst those most affected.

Health - Nov 23

A new approach to treating cancers and other diseases that uses a mechanically interlocked molecule as a ‘magic bullet' has been designed by researchers at the University of Birmingham.

Health - Nov 20

Researchers studying a group of UK healthcare workers discovered that non-white individuals recovering from COVID-19 displayed higher antibody levels than white individuals, with significantly greater levels observed in Asian individuals.

Physics - Nov 20

A new project aimed at harnessing quantum technology to enhance vehicle battery performance has been awarded Partnership Resource Funding by the University of Birmingham-led UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing.

Career - Nov 19

Managers are much more positive about their staff working from home and working flexibly since lockdown says a new study undertaken jointly by the Equal Parenting Project at the University of Birmingham and the Work Autonomy, Flexibility and Work-Life Balance at the University of Kent.

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