World leading scholars honoured

Two of our leading academics have been honoured in recognition of their outstanding contributions to subjects within humanities and social sciences.

Professor Martin Clayton and Professor John Barclay have been made Fellows of the British Academy.

The British Academy is the UK’s leading organisation for humanities and social sciences, and aims to deepen understanding of people, societies and cultures.

Each year up to 52 outstanding UK-based scholars are elected, which is a mark of distinction as only a small number in any field are chosen.

Music and theology

Martin Clayton is Professor in Ethnomusicology and his research interests include North Indian raga music and musical rhythm and entrainment.

His work combines approaches from ethnomusicology, music analysis, music cognition and other fields in studying rhythm, embodiment, and interpersonal interaction in musical performances.

His recent major research project, ’Interpersonal Entrainment in Music Performance’ aims to develop a better understanding of how groups of people coordinate behaviour within a musical context.

John Barclay has been Lightfoot Professor of Divinity in the Department of Theology and Religion since 2003 and teaches a number of topics in the New Testament and early Christianity, examining both the theology and the social formation of the early church.

He combines approaches from anthropology, history, and theology, and his most recent book, Paul and the Gift, is a study of Pauline theology from the perspective of Paul’s theology of grace.

He is also President of TRS-UK, the national body that co-ordinates the UK Departments of Theology and Religion/Religious Studies.

Professor Clayton and Professor Barclay join a community of over 1,400 world-leading scholars and researchers at The British Academy who represent a diverse range of specialisms, including forensic anthropology, history and politics of the Middle East and Viking studies.