Workshop: Shaping the future of Data Stewardship at The University of Manchester

The Office for Open Research , in collaboration with the Research Lifecycle Programme , is coordinating a Data Stewardship Project to establish a network of data stewards and build the model for data stewardship across The University of Manchester.

Data stewardship involves supporting researchers with their research data management, advocating for open and FAIR data, and acting as experts in data practices and governance within the University.

Get involved

We would like to invite attendees from our research community; either those currently involved in data stewardship at a local level, or those with an interest in shaping the future of data stewardship, to attend our workshop on the 1 March 2023.

The plan for the workshop is to identify where data stewardship activities are already happening at the University, define the project priorities and develop a roadmap for implementation.

Sign up

You can sign up to the event via Eventbrite.