University of Warwick hosts Ukrainian networking event one year one from Russian invasion

The University of Warwick will host a networking event and panel discussion on Thursday 23

February to mark one year since the invasion of Ukraine.

The event will bring together Ukrainian communities from across the university and beyond. It will

welcome Ukrainian student societies from other West Midlands universities, as well as proactive community supporters and academic staff to reflect on the last 12 months and look to the future for Ukraine.

Eldar Agayev, President of the Warwick Ukrainian Society and organiser of the event spent the last year connecting with Ukrainian student groups from across the UK to ensure all feel supported as part of a Ukrainian community away from home. Eldar studies computer science and business manage

ment at Warwick Business Schoolpart of the University of Warwick.

The event sees speakers including Head of the national literacy project of the Ministry of Culture o


Ukraine, Valeria Kovtun and Director, Capital & Financial Markets Development at EBRD, Alexander Pivovarsky will come together to reflect on the UK-s response to the invasion, including sanctions, and discuss what the future m

ight hold for Ukraine. In support of the Ukrainian student society, Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Sean Hand, and Pro-Vice Chancellor (International) Mike Shipman will be in attendance.

Since Russian forces illegally invaded Ukraine, the University of Warwick has pledged its sup

port for impacted communities. Warwick has welcomed 10 Ukrainian visiting academics and their families with support from Warwick alumnus Rui Fernandes, as well as the U niversity.

In addition, the University has offered sanctuary scholarships to six Ukrainian students. , September 2022, Warwick signed a memorandum of understanding with Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics as part of a twinning program that supports Ukrainian universities during the war.

Eldar Agayev is a third-year student, founder and President of the Warwick Ukrainian Society. He said : -This event will give a safe space for discussion and give our community the chance to not only meet each other but meet people that have been supporting us over the last 12 months.

- I am so grateful to the people of the UK that have continued their support, and for the financial help I am receiving from the University to be able to continue my studies here.-

Elya Aliieva is a first-year student from Kharkiv in Ukraine, who has received a sanctuary scholarship from Warwick. She said : -I now have three families. My family at home in Kharkiv, my host family in Bristol, and my university family at Warwick. Many Ukrainians don’t know what the next four years look like, but thanks to Warwick

, I do.-

Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor and President of Warwick University, said:

-I am immensely proud of the way the Warwick community has stepped up to help our fellow Ukrainians.-I find the work done by Eldar to bring together Ukrainian students across the UK is truly inspiring, he is an example to us all. When the invasion started, I made it clear that our university would do everything possible to support the Ukrainian people. I wanted to do so with action rather than just warm words.- When the invasion started, I made it clear that our university would do everything possible to support the Ukrainian people and we will continue to play an active role for as long as the war continues.-