University of Glasgow academic receives inaugural ’Science, She Says!’ award


A University of Glasgow academic, Dr Ornela Dardha, has been awarded the inaugural ’Science, She Says!’ award by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI).

The award recognises an outstanding young female scientist, not of Italian descent, who has remarkably contributed to the advancement of science and technology and has strong connections with the Italian scientific community. The award is given to candidates from five regions across the world, with Dr Dardha winning the Europe award. Dr Dardha was awarded during the Italian Scientific Attachés Conference in Padova, Italy on 6 March 2023.

Dr Ornela Dardha with ambassador Angeloni receiving the medal for the ’Science, She Says!’ Award

Dr Dardha is a Senior Lecturer in Computing Science. Her research concerns programming language foundations. Her fundamental work "Session Types Revisited" has been awarded two prizes and underpins theoretical and implementation work by several other researchers. She is Programming Languages Theme Lead at the University, and Glasgow Representative for the Scottish Programming Languages Institute. She has been involved in several European research networks that include Italian institutions. She is Science Communication Coordinator for EuroProofNet and Glasgow Site Lead for BehAPI. She currently collaborates with the Universities of Torino and Bologna.

Dr Ornela Dardha (second from right) with the other ’Science, She Says!’ award winners, the Principal of the University of Padova (middle), Minister Tajani of MAECI (most right) and Minister Urso of Ministry for Business and Made in Italy (most left)

Dr Dardha spoke about the importance of her research in programming languages and formal verification in an interview with ANSA news

Dr Dardha said about the award: "It is an honour to have received the "Science, She Says!" Award for Europe. I am very grateful to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for this recognition; not only for recognising my work and scientific contribution, but also for recognising my strong connection with Italy. I am very grateful to Prof Dame Muffy Calder, Prof Margaret Lucas and Prof Simon Gay for nominating me for the award and for their support."