UCL’s electrical vehicle (EV) salary sacrifice lease scheme will go live on 23 June

Vehicle fuel pump
Vehicle fuel pump
Read more about our new electrical vehicle (EV) salary sacrifice lease scheme, which will go live on Friday 23 June at 9am. You can find out more at two webinars hosted by NHS Fleet Solutions.

Earlier this year, we announced that we’ve partnered with NHS Fleet Solutions to provide UCL employees with an electrical vehicle (EV) salary sacrifice lease scheme. We’re now pleased to confirm that the scheme will be live on Friday, 23 June at 9am for you to browse through the cars on offer, and make an order. As a reminder, the scheme operates on a salary sacrifice basis with repayments via monthly pre-tax salary, therefore enabling significant savings  in employee tax and National insurance.

UCL is committed to reducing our carbon emissions and staff travel makes a large contribution to these, which is one of the reasons we’ve decided to support this scheme. If you’re interested in finding out more about this new benefit, head to our employee benefits webpage , where you will find how to access NHS Fleet Solutions platform. And to find more about taking part in making a sustainable UCL possible, head to our sustainability webpages.

What if I have questions? 

NHS Fleet Solutions will be hosting two webinars, to show how you can obtain quotes and to answer any questions you may have. These will he held on:

In the meantime, NHS Fleet Solutions has an extensive range of Frequently Asked Questions here.  

For all queries relating to the quotation/ order process you can contact NHS Fleet Solutions Orders Team / Quotes Team at 0344 811 8228 (option 2) or enquiry@nhsfleetsolutions.co.uk  

Important note on delivery times 

Please note due to a global supply chain issue and component shortages, manufacturers are experiencing delays, and therefore vehicle lead-times have increased. Please be assured that NHS Fleet Solutions will work hard with the manufacturers/dealerships to ensure your chosen vehicle is delivered as quickly as possible, as well as keeping you updated with the progress of your order as best they can.

NHS Fleet Solutions have a number of vehicles on Special Offer that might be less affected by these delays. You can view these and obtain quotations via our Special Offers page.

Find out more about UCL’s EV salary sacrifice lease scheme
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