To measure use of digital technologies among businesses in Wales

Businesses are being invited to take part in a Cardiff University project measuring the impact of digital technologies in Wales.

The Digital Maturity Survey for Wales 2019, the nation’s fourth annual survey, assesses how broadband affects business performance in Wales’ small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The survey measures the extent to which SMEs in Wales are using tools like cloud computing, e-commerce tools and video conferencing.

By completing the survey, SMEs will help the team from Cardiff Business School build a picture of the emerging digital economy in Wales.

In return, SMEs will receive a free digital maturity score and information on how they compare to others in Wales.

Dr Dylan Henderson, Senior Research Fellow at Cardiff Business School, said: “Businesses in Wales face challenging times but those showing gains are often ones who are using digital tools to improve their efficiency and reach. Evidence from last year’s Digital Maturity Survey showed that total additional sales attributable to SMEs as a result of broadband use was 166.8m, of which 91.5m was associated with superfast broadband use.

“Our continued research will provide further insights into how new technologies are driving businesses to innovate and expand.”

The data generated is also helping to inform Welsh Government policy and support SME and digital economy growth in Wales.

Complete the survey now.

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