The success of University of Warwick’s ’School Tasking’ Project inspires 26 other universities to take on the project ahead of Channel 4’s brand new ’Junior Taskmaster’ Show

The University of Warwick is proud to announce the success of the ’School Tasking’ project, created by Dr Ali Struthers from Warwick Law School, as part of an ongoing widening participation effort that has inspired a nationwide rollout.

The ’School Tasking’ project was designed to encourage young people from less advantaged backgrounds to consider higher education and develop important skills for the workplace. The project involved teams of Year 5 students from local schools competing in a series of tasks that showcased their skills and abilities.

Since the launch of the ’School Tasking’ project, it has inspired a nationwide rollout to 26 other universities next year. This means that even more young people from all over the UK will have the opportunity to develop their skills and consider higher education.

The last ’final’ of the ’School Tasking’ project ahead of the national rollout will take place next week (March 29 ) at The University of Warwick. The event will feature teams from local schools competing for the chance to become the -School Tasking Champions, 2023-.

Dr Ali Struthers, creator of the ’School Tasking’ project, said: "I am thrilled to see the success of the ’School Tasking’ project and its impact on widening participation. It’s fantastic to see so many young people from all over the UK getting involved and developing important skills for their future. I am also excited to see and support Channel 4’s ’Junior Taskmaster’ program."

For more information about the ’School Tasking’ project, visit Warwick Law School’s website.


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