The Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body

All animal research at the University is overseen by the Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body (AWERB), which consists of several committees.

AWERB Standing, Sub and Licence Amendment Committees

These AWERB Committees concentrate on reviewing all new programmes of work, amendments to programmes of work and the outcome of the work undertaken. The AWERB Standing committee is the overarching committee. These three committees consist of internal and external members, including scientists, veterinarians and lay members. In the case of the AWERB Standing and Sub-Committees, the chairperson is external and therefore independent of the University.

AWERB ‘3Rs’ Committee

This committee scrutinises research projects and procedures involving the use of live animals to ensure that the 3Rs - reduction, refinement and replacement - have been adequately applied and retrospectively review research projects with this in mind. This committee is proactive in the promotion of a culture of 3Rs within the University community, ensuring effective experimental design, and promotes awareness of alternatives where available.

Named Persons Committee

The Named Persons Committee is responsible for awareness raising activities to provide information and advice to assist members of the University in addressing welfare concerns, and other ethical issues arising in the course of their work, including wider examination of standards of animal care and use within the establishment. The committee helps to promote a ‘culture of care’ within the establishment and, as appropriate, in the wider community.