Tech Minister visits Imperial for inaugural Semiconductor Advisory Panel meeting

Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy Paul Scully MP held the Government’s first Semiconductor Advisory Panel meeting at the White City Campus

Hosted by Royce Facility Director Professor Neil Alford and Principal Research Scientist Dr Peter Petrov, the Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy and Minister for London Paul Scully MP visited the Royce Institute materials labs. Accompanied by the Semiconductor Advisory Panel co-chair Dr Jalal Bagherli and members of the Panel, they learnt about the research on nano-scale thin film deposition. The Minister toured the new facilities including the cleanroom, laser lab, the fabrication lab, and the characterisation lab.

Located in the Sir Michael Uren Hub Building at Imperial’s White City campus, the Royce facility offers state of the art equipment to support new research on advanced materials. Supported by the Henry Royce Institute, the facility forms part of the Royce "Atoms to Devices" theme and will deliver innovation at every stage of fabrication, taking advanced materials from their building-block atoms to fully functional devices.

Semiconductors are an essential component of almost every electronic device we use, and as a result are vitally important for the modern world we live in. From phones and computers to ventilators and power stations, nearly every piece of technology in the world depends on them.

The Government published the National Semiconductor Strategy in May which offers a twenty-year vision for the sector around three key goals: growing the domestic semiconductor sector, mitigating the risk of supply chain disruptions and protecting national security. The visit coincided with the announcement of the UK’s first semiconductor design incubator, which will give early-stage semiconductor companies in the UK technical and business support they need to bring new products to the market.

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Tech Minister Paul Scully MP said, "Semiconductors are an essential component of technology that underpins the modern world, from smartphones to power stations. The UK’s new Semiconductor Advisory Panel met for the first time today to drive this important industry forwards."

Professor Neil Alford said, "Royce is helping us overcome several challenges, including a skilled worker shortage. With our technical expertise, state of the art equipment and collaborative spirit, we look forward to fostering a space that drives even more innovation and materials research at White City. The launch of this pioneering hub of activity will foster the capability to make, test and characterise the materials, components and systems of the future."