Team led by Professor Rachel Gibson awarded a Smart Data Research UK grant

A team based in Manchester, including PI Rachel Gibson and co-PI Marta Cantijoch from Politics, has been awarded a UKRI grant for the project ’Linking digital footprint and survey data for open research’.

The team was one of seven awarded a total of £1.8 million under the Smart Data Research UK scheme. This project will improve how browser and social media information can be anonymised and linked to survey data responses.

Researchers can then use this data to help answer a range of important research questions, such as what determines our exposure to news and entertainment sources and how this affects our political choices, feelings toward other people and trust in governing institutions.

The interdisciplinary research team also includes co-PIs Dr Alex Cernat from Social Statistics and Dr Riza Batista-Navarro from Computer Science.

Rachel Gibson is Professor of Political Science. Her research focuses on the impact of new information and communication technologies on political parties, with particular focus on elections and campaigning.

Marta Cantijoch is Lecturer in Politics. Her research expertise is in the fields of political participation and political communication, particularly looking at the effects of digital media.