Supporting students who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness

Students are walking and sitting on the side stairs inside the bright UCL Studen
Students are walking and sitting on the side stairs inside the bright UCL Student Centre
If you are an enrolled student and are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, support is available to help you find somewhere to live.

Students’ Union UCL Advice Service

If you have become, or are at risk of becoming, homeless and need support finding alternative accommodation, the first step would be to contact the Students’ Union UCL (SU) Advice Service using their Advice Service Contact Form.

The SU Advice Service cannot find or provide accommodation, but they can discuss your situation and help explore your housing options. The Advice Service can also advise you on many housing issues, including disrepair, evictions, and landlord disputes, and signpost you to further accommodation opportunities and relevant sources of financial support, if needed.

Finding Emergency Accommodation page on the SU website offers a useful source of information, including a list of charities that you can contact.   

UCL Accommodation

Students who have become, or are at risk of becoming homeless, can apply for a place in UCL Accommodation through the UCL Accommodation Portal. Once you submit an application, your request will be reviewed.   

After submitting your application, you can also contact the Accommodation Office via askUCL to make the team aware of your situation. 

Rooms will be allocated based on availability, maximum week rate and stated preferences. However, there is no guarantee that a space will become available.

Student Support and Wellbeing

If your housing situation is affecting your safety or wellbeing, speak with the Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW) team. Following an initial conversation, the team can triage you to more specialist support.

Please visit the webpages to view the team’s latest service hours. The team offer support in-person, over the phone, and via askUCL.

UCL Financial Support

Financial support is available at UCL. Visit the Fees and Funding webpages information about what support is available and how to apply.

In addition, the SU offers financial support designed to be additional to UCL’s core hardship support. The SU aims to support students who, for whatever reason, cannot access UCL support but are in financial need, preventing them from continuing or completing their studies, or from taking part in student activities.  

University of London Housing Services

UCL students can book an appointment with a University of London housing adviser , which is part of the University of London (UofL) Housing Services. The housing advisers can guide you through private housing issues, including evictions, issues with landlords or letting agents, and deposit disputes.

Finding alternative, non-UCL accommodation

For emergency, short-term accommodation, you can book a place in a hostel in London.

UofL Housing Services offers a  property platform  through which students can find and secure accommodation from reputable providers. Please note that UofL does not place students in accommodation. 

Additionally, UofL Housing Services offers dedicated information about  short stay accommodation , which can include anything from a few nights to a couple of months.

page on the UCL Accommodation website for resources and information to help you search for and secure alternative accommodation in London.

UCL is committed to supporting students. You are not alone. Please use the resources on this page. If you believe this might impact you, please reach out to speak with the SU about your options.
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