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Sport - 09.08.2010

Sport - 09.07.2010
Footballers must face heights of final
University researchers suggest that, with the final taking place at 1,753 metres above sea level, players will have to adapt to oxygen levels in the atmosphere almost 20 per cent less than at sea level. There is 18 per cent less oxygen in every breath in Johannesburg than there is in London.

Administration - Sport - 21.06.2010
Fans in the boardroom good for football, finds study
Fans in the boardroom good for football, finds study
A study by University of Manchester economists has backed calls from supporter groups who argue that their representation on the boardroom is generally good for football.

Physics - Sport - 18.06.2010

Sport - History / Archeology - 17.06.2010
Which nation talks about football the most in cyberspace?
Which nation talks about football the most in cyberspace?
The 2010 FIFA World Cup has thrown up challenges for researchers at Oxford and Kentucky Universities. Using Google Maps they have settled scores on whether the term 'football' or 'soccer' is preferred across the world and kicked off a debate about which nation likes to talk about football the most. They discovered that of all the teams in the World Cup, Algeria has the highest proportion of user-generated references to football.

Environment - Sport - 17.06.2010

Sport - Physics - 16.06.2010
Researchers investigate spin of World Cup football
The spin of the football used in the 2006 World Cup, has been newly analysed by a University of Sheffield academic, providing valuable information for professional sports engineers and scientists as well as football designers and manufacturers.

Sport - Administration - 06.06.2010
Survey identifies football fans´ view of cheating
Survey identifies football fans´ view of cheating
Faking injury and diving in the penalty area have been identified as the forms of cheating on the football pitch that are most disliked by fans, according to a new study by academics at the University of Sheffield. The study, which has surveyed over 500 supporters of those nations competing in the forthcoming World Cup, has also found that Argentina and Italy are considered by fans to be the worst culprits for cheating in the international game.

Sport - Psychology - 30.05.2010
Fair play or foul World Cup sportsmanship under scrutiny at Birmingham
Sports psychologists at the University of Birmingham are investigating how factors such as motivation can influence how likely a football player is to adopt antisocial behaviour in their quest for victory in contests such as the World Cup.

Sport - Linguistics / Literature - 30.04.2010
1966 forgotten: Manchester plays host to Germany fans
1966 forgotten: Manchester plays host to Germany fans
A national football tournament for English based fans of German culture is being held at The University of Manchester on Saturday (May 1) in a bid to promote more understanding.

Sport - 19.11.2009

Sport - 29.08.2009
Young Olympic Hopefuls Set the Pace for 2012
As the Beijing Games come to a close, a number of talented young athletes in Birmingham are already poised for London 2012.

Sport - 20.08.2009
Don’t sack the manager?
PA 218/09 Experts at The University of Nottingham and Loughborough University have produced research which proves that Premier League clubs who have long-term managers are more successful than those who change their managers on a frequent basis.

Sport - Computer Science - 06.08.2009
Planning English football fixtures
PA 209/09 Can computers solve the logistical nightmare of planning English football fixtures? Professor Graham Kendall from the School of Computer Science at The University of Nottingham believes they can.

Sport - Mathematics - 26.02.2009

Sport - 21.01.2009
Birmingham trio help GB to golden glory
Three University of Birmingham Sport students have helped the GB Youth Hockey team win gold at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival.