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Sport - Social Sciences - 03.05.2018
Be a sport: From volleyball beginner to cup winner
Be a sport: From volleyball beginner to cup winner Life at university is all about new experiences and taking up opportunities for the first time.

Sport - Social Sciences - 02.05.2018
Be a sport: From rugby rookie to cup winner
Be a sport: From rugby rookie to cup winner Life at university is all about new experiences and taking up opportunities for the first time.

Sport - 01.05.2018
Be a sport: From lacrosse novice to cup winner
Be a sport: From lacrosse novice to cup winner Life at university is all about new experiences and taking up opportunities for the first time.

Sport - Mathematics - 28.03.2018
World Cup stickers
The task of completing this year's Panini World Cup sticker book will typically set you back around £774, according to a mathematician at Cardiff University.

Sport - Mathematics - 27.03.2018
Computer game encourages people to be more risk-aware
How do you encourage people in the midst of an emergency to stay calm and prioritise their safety over their possessions' University of Bristol researchers have devised a game which they believe could help, by encouraging players to be more risk-aware. Studies into human behaviour in emergencies have shown that the decisions people make during evacuations, be it the exit they choose or whether they collect their personal belongings, can cause significant delays.

Life Sciences - Sport - 09.03.2018
Brain Games is back (Sunday 18th March, 11:00 - 16:00)
From sensory illusions and inflatable brain domes to ghost hands and 'DIY brain surgery' - Brain Games 2018 showcases the power and mystery of our most vital organ.

Health - Sport - 18.01.2018
Massive spike in football shirt advertising by betting companies raises health concerns
There has been a massive spike in football shirt advertising by betting companies leading to public health concerns, research by the University of Glasgow and Healthy Stadia published today (18 January 2018) has revealed. A total of 95% (75/79) of football shirt sponsorship deals with English clubs included in the study were struck since 2005 legislation was passed.

Environment - Sport - 20.12.2017
Scientists simulate the climate of Game of Thrones
Scientists from the Universities of Bristol, Cardiff, and Southampton have used a Climate Model to simulate and explore the climate of the world of Game of Thrones. The results show that The Wall, where the land of Westeros is guarded from the White Walkers, has a climate in winter similar to that of Lapland, whereas Casterly Rock, the stronghold of the scheming Lannisters, has a climate similar to that of Houston, Texas, and Changsha in China.

Sport - 24.11.2017
Starting young vital to lifelong volunteering and social action, says new research
National spinal injury charity Aspire and the University of Birmingham have teamed up on a research project that is set to produce evidence-based Best Practice Guidance for training and employing disabled people in the fitness industry.

Sport - Health - 22.10.2017
New injury prevention exercise programme will dramatically reduce injuries in rugby
A new dynamic 20-minute exercise programme, performed by rugby players before training and pre-match, could dramatically reduce injuries in the sport according to a benchmark study published today (Sunday 22 October). Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine , the collaborative project between health researchers at the University and England Rugby shows that the introduction of a simple injury prevention exercise programme has significant impacts in reducing rates both for concussion and lower limb injuries.

Sport - 19.10.2017
Delayed word processing could predict patients’ potential to develop Alzheimer’s disease
Pupils in secondary schools are reluctant to see fitness and health tracking devices such as Fitbits introduced into Physical Exercise lessons in schools and the device could potentially cause a negative impact on students' overall well-being, research led by the University of Birmingham has found. In a new study, published today in Sport, Education and Society, researchers looked at the responses of 13 and 14 year olds taking part in Physical Exercise classes at two UK secondary schools over an eight-week period.

History / Archeology - Sport - 16.10.2017
Minecraft slavery plantation programme for classrooms
Historians at the University of Glasgow will today (Monday 16 October 2017) officially launch a computer representation of 18th century plantations in Minecraft to help school children engage with the history of slavery.

Sport - Career - 10.10.2017
Evolution: The beneficiaries of mass extinction
Jonny Davies, third year Biochemistry student and University of Birmingham sport scholar, last week bought home 2 medals for the GB Athletics team at the World University Games in Taipei.

Sport - 09.08.2017
VR cricket game uses motion capture technology for full immersive experience
With the cricket season in full swing, now cricket fans can try out their batting skills in the comfort of their own homes in a virtual reality game, developed by Stickee Studios in collaboration with researchers at the University of Bath.

Sport - Administration - 25.07.2017

Sport - Media - 14.07.2017
Women have to ’prove they are sports fans’
Female sports fans struggle to be taken seriously and feel they are regarded as being less committed than male fans, according to research by Dr Stacey Pope , who answers some questions about her findings below.

Sport - 03.07.2017
Sussex Sport Scholar looks ahead to World Cup campaign
Sussex Sport Scholar looks ahead to World Cup campaign University of Sussex Law student and Sport Scholar Matt Francis is confident he can end an outstanding season by winning the Powerchair World Cup this week with England.

Sport - Life Sciences - 20.06.2017
Unlock molecular secrets with mobile game BioBlox2D
BioBlox2D is a new free mobile computer game inspired by tackling one of the hardest problems in biological science - how molecules fit together.

Sport - Economics - 13.06.2017
SciSports triumphs at UEFA Sports Innovation (SPIN) FINAL
A company that compares footballers' data to help clubs find under-valued future stars has been crowned UEFA Sports Innovation (SPIN) FINAL Champion in Cardiff.

Sport - 05.06.2017
Games linked to academic achievement
Games linked to academic achievement
Playing video games could help young people develop the communications and mental adaptability skills required to succeed at university.‌ A trial, by the University of Glasgow, to assess the effects of playing video games on young people concludes gaming can help young people develop the desired higher education skills sometimes referred to as 'graduate attributes'.

Sport - 30.05.2017
Sports start-ups in UEFA shoot out
Software that helps coaches manage matches, a device that hones players' passing skills and an app for fan-led lightshows are among 10 great start-ups that will battle it out in Cardiff's Sports Innovation (SPIN) Final.