SCI Seminar on water security, peace, and sustainability

SCI PhD candidate Chantal V. Bright held a seminar about the ’Water-Peace Nexus’ and convened a panel discussion with researchers from a wide range of backgrounds.

Water-related risks undermine human development and can contribute to migration and displacement, food insecurity, political instability, and conflict. During the online seminar in November 2022 SCI PhD candidate Chantal V. Bright , her supervisors Dr Laura McLeod (Politics) and Dr Ali Browne (Geography), lecturer Dr Carl Death (politics) and Professor Julien Harou (Engineering) shared their research which intersects with water, peace, security, and sustainability. The panel was chaired by SCI Director Prof Mat Paterson.

The panellists discussed their research from different perspectives, with a focus on links between water-related challenges, conflict risks, and or the role of water as an instrument for peace and sustainability.

Chantal talked about her PhD research on the Water-Peace Nexus in Liberia and honed in on water insecurity and its contributing factors in the West-African country. Julien Harou (Department of Engineering) spoke about the engineering and environmental and economic performance of human-natural systems and how to combat issues such as water insecurity through these systems. Chantal’s co-supervisor Laura McLeod told attendees about her research on gender, global governance and peace-building indicators. She emphasised that sustainability, water security and gender insecurity are closely connected. Carl Death researches environmental sustainability in Africa and spoke about how water-related issues such as water supply and marine biodiversity are highly politicised.

We have now made the recording of the seminar available. Please find it below or on our channel.