Round and round the world we go

Round and round the world we go

We made like Santa and sent festive Fringe-goers to all corners of the globe on Thursday as they explored the world for some festive fun.

Imperial’s Caroline Brogan joined Santa in his sleigh to gather souvenirs of the event:

Our guests helped Mat Fisher from the School of Public Health investigate the global spread of a deadly frog fungus.

We journeyed to the Borneo rainforests with Adam Sharp from the Department of Life Sciences to meet some of the local wildlife and learn how they are dealing with human intrusion.

Our guests frolicked in the snow while enjoying the evening.

Fringe-goers made their own exploding Mexican lava flows using 3D printed volcanoes, aided by geologists Julie Prytulak of the Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering and our neighbour Chiara Petrone at the Natural History Museum.

Our guests flew to Lundy Island where they met its promiscuous avian inhabitants, with Julia Schroeder ’s team from the Department of Life Sciences.

See what visitors themselves made of the event below, with this round up of social media activity

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