Posters in Parliament: could your undergraduate research take centre stage?

UCL’s annual search for the best undergraduate research poster is underway, from now until Friday 17 January 2020.

Undergraduate students are now being invited to submit their research posters for display in an exhibition, UCL Posters in Cloisters , at the end of January 2020.

Two outstanding students or student teams selected will present their posters to visitors to the exhibition, including policymakers, researchers and MPs at Posters in Parliament.

  • Find out more about the selection and judging process.

What research can you present?

The research you present can be work you have carried out as part of your programme of study or outside it , for example as a Laidlaw scholar or as a private project.

Who can take part?

You need to present undergraduate work and either be a current undergraduate student at UCL, or have graduated in the last 12 months.

Why you should take part

Posters in Cloisters

You will:

  • get the opportunity to share your research and ideas with the UCL community
  • develop your research skills
  • get experience with public engagement and producing a research poster.

Posters in Parliament

You will:

  • get the opportunity to share research and ideas with students from other universities across Great Britain
  • present your work to legislators and policymakers and demonstrate you are part of a new generation of emerging researchers able to meet global challenges
  • add an impressive achievement to your CV.

What kind of poster is expected?

Your poster should be designed to convey the essence of your research in a clear and eye-catching way so it appeals to colleagues as well as non-specialists.

  • View previous years’ posters , including two national UCL winners.

Deadline to submit

Submit your poster by Friday 17 January 2020 .

How to submit

Posters must be orientated in portrait layout and be A1 in size (841mm x 594 mm) and submitted as PDFs via email.

Once you have submitted, you will receive confirmation to get your poster printed and receive details of where to submit it.

All posters need to be printed at your expense (however your department may be able to help and should be approached in the first instance).

Creating connections with MPs

In 2019, students from UCL discussed their research with Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, MP for Slough and UCL alumnus, he said:

" As a proud alumnus of UCL, it is truly wonderful to see a team engaged in innovative research, which can truly transform our society. So many of us are truly concerned about sustainability and our environment. It is great to see such innovative research." Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, MP for Slough and UCL alumnus

Key dates

  • Posters will be on exhibition in the Cloisters from 10am to 4pm on Wednesday 29 January 2020 .
  • You and/or your team will need to attend to present your research between 12-2 pm.
  • Deadline to submit your pdf poster: Friday 17 January 2020.
  • Date for Posters in Parliament to be announced.

British Conference of Undergraduate Research

Posters in Parliament is staged by the British Conference of Undergraduate Research and designed to show the growing emphasis on undergraduate research at UK universities. A key objective of our institutional strategy, UCL 2034, is to give all students at every level the opportunity to carry out research.

Read interviews from previous winners

  • Seven Questions with Dougie Head
  • Seven questions with Enya Gomes Clynch
  • Seven questions with Zane Mitrevica
  • Seven Questions with Francisco Sacadura

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