Positioning Manchester at the forefront of the Generative AI revolution in Education

To build expertise and thought leadership in this cutting-edge area, the Manchester Institute of Education is looking to appoint a specialist lecturer in ’Generative AI for Education’, one of the first such appointments globally.

Generative AI is an emerging interdisciplinary area which will have wide-ranging impacts on everyday life, especially education.

To tackle global education challenges, understanding and harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, particularly Generative AI (GAI), is essential. GAI presents significant challenges in primary, secondary, and tertiary education, as well as in workplace and informal learning.

It has the potential to support personalised and adaptive learning experiences, act as an intelligent virtual tutor, and provide rapid feedback. Amongst other things, however, the rapid development of GAI also raises serious concerns regarding data privacy and assessment integrity.

These factors emphasise the need for an urgent, critical perspective as we look to design the future of education involving GAI.

The Manchester Institute of Education (MIE) is seeking a specialist lecturer in ’Generative AI for Education’ , the first such academic appointment of its kind. This role will contribute to positioning the University of Manchester as a leading voice on the potentially transformative impact of GAI in educational settings, an area that currently lacks established global authorities.

Working as part of MIE’s new Digital Technologies, Communication and Education Research and Scholarship group, the intention is to rigorously inform future educational design, policy, and practice.

This pioneering appointment underscores Manchester’s commitment to shaping the responsible development and deployment of emerging technologies in the service of equitable, empowering and enlightening education for all. Lecturer in Generative AI for Education job.

The closing date for applications is Monday, 18 March 2024.

For enquiries about the vacancy, shortlisting and interviews, contact Lisa Murtagh.