Podcast: Vaping concerns, medical detection dogs, and a visit to CERN

In this edition: We explore the possible harms of vaping, meet dogs trained to detect disease, and travel through the physics of CERN.

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News: Sepsis alert and dreaming while awake - We find out about a new system to automatically alert doctors to patients displaying signs of sepsis, and discover how the psychedelic drug in ayahuasca affects the brain.

Is vaping dangerous? - We examine the evidence around recent deaths from e-cigarettes, exploring how non-sanctioned uses and flavourings may be harmful, while also recognising how vaping helps cigarette smokers avoid potentially worse effects.

The dogs that sniff out disease - We meet medical detection dogs that are being trained (by their human researchers) to recognise early lung infections in cystic fibrosis patients before they become chronic and cause damage.

A voyage through CERN - We visit the home of the Large Hardon Collider, investigating the forefront of particle physics and meeting researchers trying to answer big questions about the universe. Photos and graphics subject to third party copyright used with permission or Imperial College London.

Hayley Dunning
Communications and Public Affairs

Sara Knudsen
Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication

Ryan O’Hare
Communications and Public Affairs

Gareth Mitchell
Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication

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