Podcast: Supersonic flight, toxic pet treatments, and fighting TB with maths

In this edition: The future of supersonic flight, how toxic flea and tick products are reaching the environment, and how maths can help eradicate TB.

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News: Psychedelic scans and caffeine benefits - We discover that brain scans show the drug DMT increases connectivity across the brain’s imagination centres, and find out how caffeine may help keep you slim.

Supersonic and hypersonic flight - We look back on the popularity of Concorde and look forward to the future of commercial, and sustainable, high-speed air travel.

This is an excerpt from the Zero Pressure podcast - listen to the full episode and explore the archive on the.

Toxic effects of pet parasiticides - We hear from the authors of a new Grantham Institute briefing paper that brings together all the evidence showing pet flea and tick treatments are finding their way into UK waters, potentially causing problems for the local wildlife.

You can also listen to a longer version of this interview on our Soundcloud account.

Fighting TB with maths - We speak to mathematical modeller Professor Nimalan Arinaminpathy, who is working with India’s TB elimination program to optimise interventions in different areas and finally eradicate the disease.