Podcast: Painkiller prescriptions, climate wellbeing crisis and race science

In this edition: Investigating UK painkiller prescriptions, how the climate crisis affects mental health and the return of race science.

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News: Air quality in parks and the power of krill - We discover that more than a quarter of London’s open spaces exceed limits for nitrogen dioxide pollution , and that small crustaceans play an outsized role in the global climate.

Does the UK have a painkiller crisis? - Major opioid prescriptions are declining in the UK, but are the drugs they’re replaced with less harmful? We discuss how replacements may be being abused and how the long-term risks are less than certain.

How the climate crisis affects mental wellbeing - The physical effects of climate change, including natural disasters and displacement, can cause mental distress, but so too can the fear of ecological doom and a lack of control. We discuss the phenomenon, and how positive action can help people cope.

For resources to help you with mental health issues at the College and beyond, visit the Health and wellbeing webpages.

The return of race science - Science journalist Angela Saini recently gave a lecture on campus for Black History Month about her new book Superior: The Return of Race Science. We talk to her about what race is, how these categories came about and how they are misused. You can also listen to an extended interview with Angela.

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