Podcast: Feeling like a scientist, wastewater disease tests, and summer droughts

By Kamel Saeed , Caroline Brogan , Gareth Mitchell , Mo Akinseye , Maxine Myers , Andrew Youngson , Hayley Dunning

In this edition: When a scientist begins to feel like one, monitoring wastewater for diseases like COVID-19, and how droughts led to hosepipe bans.

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News: Flu campaign kick-off and 3D-printing drones - We find out what we might expect from this year’s flu season as the vaccination drive gets going, and learn about new drones that could 3D-print and repair buildings , working together as a fleet.

Feeling like a scientist: the space scientist - When does a scientist first start to feel like one? We introduce a new series exploring the careers of some of our scientists , beginning with Jesús Manuel Muñoz Tejeda , who studies space propulsion technology.

Testing wastewater for disease - We meet Claire Trant, Imperial alum and co-founder of Untap , a company that automatically tests wastewater in communal buildings including factories and offices to identify the presence of diseases like COVID-19.

When droughts lead to hosepipe bans - We get the lowdown on this year’s droughts from Dr Barnaby Dobson , who explains how droughts are defined, what causes hosepipe bans, and how climate change could impact droughts of the future.

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