Podcast: Credit rating inequalities, making mosquito music, and better batteries

In this edition: How AI has magnified credit disparities, how malaria research was translated into sound, and how batteries can make a better world.

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News: Boosting sex drive and sourcing dark energy - We hear about how the hormone kisspeptin can help people with low sex drive , and why black holes may be the source of dark energy.

Magnifying disparities with machine learning - We talk to Professor Tarun Ramadorai about new research that shows how machine learning is exacerbating inequalities in credit ratings - and who gets approved for a mortgage.

Sonifying malaria research - How do you turn data about genetically modified mosquitos and their egg-laying rates into music? Target Malaria scientist Dr Federica Bernardini brought in creative composer Jamie Perera to take up the challenge.

Batteries for a sustainable world - We catch up with Dr Billy Wu to find out the state of battery research, and how more sustainable batteries can help power a fossil-fuel-free world.