Podcast: 1918 special to mark the First World War armistice centenary

In this edition: We commemorate armistice with a look at Imperial’s war, the legacy battlefield injuries, and the Spanish flu epidemic.

OR listen to individual chapters: An Act of Remembrance - Imperial marked the occasion with readings by College Chaplain Andrew Wilson and College Archivist Anne Barrett, and a performance by the College choir of a song of farewell.

Imperial during the First World War - We learn more from Archivist Anne Barret about members of the College community who went to war, including our Rector, and some of the many research activities that went on to support the war effort.

Battlefield injuries: past and present - Military historian Dr Emily Mayhew tells some incredible tales of how First World War medical innovations influence today’s practices, and veteran amputee and Imperial PhD student Dave Henson describes advances in prosthetics.

The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic - As well as lives lost in war, the world was gripped by a deadly flu in 1918. Why was it so bad? With no vaccines or antibiotics, how did doctors try to tackle it? And could it happen again?Action Medical Research Chair in Virology Professor Wendy Barclay answers all.

The podcast is presented by Gareth Mitchell, a lecturer on Imperial’s MSc Science Communication course and the presenter of Click Radio on the BBC World Service, with contributions from our roving reporters in the Research Communications group. Photos and graphics subject to third party copyright used with permission or Imperial College London.

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