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Health - Pedagogy - 10.02.2020
Cutting-edge learning technology unveiled at Imperial showcase event

Pedagogy - 07.02.2020
UCL teaching to be affected by industrial action in February and March

Pedagogy - 06.02.2020
MyHR is now available

Pedagogy - 04.02.2020
Health and wellbeing of children in Wales under the spotlight

Pedagogy - 23.01.2020
80 per cent of children in care need special educational support
More than 80 per cent of children in England who were in care during school years between the ages of five and 16 also received help for special educational needs (SEN), according to a new UCL-led study.

Pedagogy - 20.01.2020
University to construct new Postgraduate Teaching Hub and Business School building

Pedagogy - 16.01.2020
Donation will help continue research into Scotland’s national bard at the University of Glasgow

Pedagogy - 13.01.2020
UCL Learning Opportunities Fund

Pedagogy - 02.01.2020
Are you interested in school outreach opportunities?

Event - Pedagogy - 17.12.2019
Robert Owen Award presented to Professor Christine Forde by Education Secretary

Pedagogy - 25.11.2019
Iceland learns about work in Wales to overhaul relationships and sexuality education

Pedagogy - 16.11.2019
Unique Partnership Launched to Improve Birmingham’s Youth Mental Health Crisis
A unique city partnership to improve the mental health and future potential of children living in Birmingham has been announced during Anti-Bullying Week 2019 (Monday 11 to Friday 15 November).

Pedagogy - 08.11.2019
News reporting resource for pupils

Pedagogy - 07.11.2019
Spending time in nature can improve children’s confidence
Four out of five children say they feel more confident in themselves after spending time participating in outdoor activities, according to new UCL research.

Pedagogy - 05.11.2019
Rich resources of private schools give pupils educational advantage
Pupils in private schools do significantly better at A levels compared to those in similar state schools according to UCL research, which is the first to study the current performance gap in upper secondary education in England.

Pedagogy - 03.10.2019
Should summer-born pupils be treated differently?

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 16.09.2019
Despite the uncertainty of Brexit EU families feel more welcome and safer in Scotland than south of the border
These conclusions are based on the findings of two reports being launched on Tuesday 17th September at the Cornerstone Centre St John's, Edinburgh by the University of Birmingham. The first report, co-authored by Professor Nando Sigona and Dr Marie Godin , draws on interviews with EU families currently (N=132) and formerly (N=40) residing in the UK.

History / Archeology - Pedagogy - 06.09.2019
New museum spaces & education resources in Iraqi Kurdistan are launched

Pedagogy - 21.06.2019
Evidence matters - especially for our schools

Pedagogy - 18.06.2019
Experience immersive VR documentaries

Pedagogy - Health - 11.06.2019
Parents’ lenient attitudes towards drinking linked to greater alcohol use among children

Pedagogy - 23.05.2019
School choice system is ‘unfair’ to households in areas with fewer choices
The first ever study to assess secondary school choices made across all households in England has shown that the system is unfair to households in areas where they are given fewer options on the application form, with these parents having to make 'less ambitious' choices.

Pedagogy - Social Sciences - 17.04.2019
AGENDA resource expanded and rolled out to teachers in England

Pedagogy - 23.03.2019
Toddlers, knights and golden bears
Inside the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Armoury and Renaissance galleries are alive with the sound of chattering children.

Pedagogy - 14.02.2019
The value of a dyslexia diagnosis

Pedagogy - 21.11.2018
The Missing Numbers: Remembering Totterdown before the road that never was
Back in the 1970s, hundreds of homes and businesses in the Totterdown area of Bristol were cleared to make way for a new ring road which was never built.

Veterinary - Pedagogy - 21.11.2018
Podcast: 1918 special to mark the First World War armistice centenary

Pedagogy - 18.10.2018
Experts raise safety concerns about cardboard baby boxes
18 October 2018 Cardboard baby boxes are being promoted for infant sleep as a safe alternative to more traditional cots, bassinets, or Moses baskets, without any evidence in place, warn experts from the Universities of Bristol and Durham and published in The BMJ.

Pedagogy - 15.10.2018
Birmingham welcomes prospective Indian partners to ’clean cold’ gathering

Health - Pedagogy - 24.07.2018
Data science may help Hollywood make the movies people really want to see
Leading University of Birmingham researcher Professor Pam Kearns is set to cycle 175 miles across England in just 12 hours to raise cash to help young cancer patients and their families.

Health - Pedagogy - 08.06.2018
Childhood poverty worse in school holidays
The summer holidays are supposed to be a happy and carefree time for school children but the reality is they are often stressful for children from low income families.

Administration - Pedagogy - 03.04.2018
Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland win funding to tackle child poverty
The Scottish Government has given £2m funding through Every Child, Every Chance, its Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan 2018-22, to Children's Neighbourhoods Scotland (CNS) - an innovative collabor

Pedagogy - Innovation - 16.03.2018
Oxford partners with Kinder to develop and research digital learning

Pedagogy - Event - 22.02.2018
Royal Honour for baby and parent sleep research

Social Sciences - Pedagogy - 05.02.2018
Premature babies make fewer friends – but not for long
Premature babies make fewer friends and spend less time socialising in early childhood - but this improves when they get to school - according to new University of Warwick research At the age of 6, very preterm children reported 4 friends, compared with children born full-term who had 5 friends Very preterm children see their friends 15% less than those born full-term Interventions should be available to encourage social interaction skills in pr

Pedagogy - 22.01.2018
Warning follows report into online child sexual abuse risk
If the public are serious about wanting to protect children from online sexual abuse more investment in skilled professionals is needed now.

Pedagogy - Education - 17.01.2018
Relentless private school fee hikes "have not put off parents"
Huge rises in the cost of private schooling in the UK in recent decades have had little impact on the number of parents choosing the sector for their children, according to a new analysis from UCL.

Pedagogy - Health - 20.12.2017
Research that helps parents and babies sleep better gets Royal approval

Pedagogy - 06.12.2017
City researchers play role in anti-bullying campaign

Health - Pedagogy - 14.11.2017
Grandparent behaviour appears to have a negative impact on children’s long-term cancer risks
The behaviour of grandparents may inadvertently be having a negative impact on the health of their grandchildren, according to a new study.‌‌ Researchers from the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow, published the results of the review - which looked at 56 studies with data from 18 countries, concerning the care provided by grandparents who are not the primary carer of their grandchildren - today in the journal PLOS ONE.

Pedagogy - 27.09.2017
’They sailed away, for a year and a day’: why learning poetry by heart is good for you
Today (28 September 2017) is National Poetry Day. Most of us can quote snatches of poetry - but which poems can we recite in their entirety? In a survey of memorised poetry, Lear's The Owl and the Pussy-cat came top, and some people know all 143 verses of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner .

Pedagogy - 20.09.2017
Can a smartphone app for parents help toddlers’ development?
A new trial will find out if a smartphone app that sends activities and tips to parents can help improve toddlers' language and communication skills. The trial, which will be carried out by researchers in the School of Education at Durham University, will involve parents and guardians of 1,500 children.

Pedagogy - Health - 10.08.2017
Parents of premature babies as happy as other parents by adulthood
Parents of premature and very low birth weight babies have same life satisfaction as parents of full-term babies, when their children reach adulthood - new University of Warwick research - Pioneeri

Economics - Pedagogy - 20.07.2017
School pupils welcomed to special ’graduation day’ at University of Sussex

Physics - Pedagogy - 01.06.2017
Nobel Laureate Professor Carl Wieman delivers lecture at Imperial
Nobel Laureate Professor Carl Wieman delivers lecture at Imperial
Professor Wieman spoke about taking a scientific approach to science and engineering education.

Pedagogy - Life Sciences - 26.05.2017
Speed of animal evolution enhanced by cooperative behaviour
Speed of animal evolution enhanced by cooperative behaviour
A study by scientists from the University of Cambridge has revealed how cooperative behaviour between insect family members changes how rapidly body size evolves - with the speed of evolution increasing when individual animals help one another. In some populations, we allowed parents to help their offspring, but in other populations we removed the parents.

Pedagogy - Health - 17.05.2017
Parents with Bipolar benefit from self-help tool
Online self-management support for parents with Bipolar Disorder leads to improvements in parenting and child behaviour.

Health - Pedagogy - 10.05.2017
Dad's involvement with baby early on associated with boost in mental development
Fathers who interact more with their children in their first few months of life could have a positive impact on their baby's cognitive development.

Health - Pedagogy - 09.05.2017
Dad's involvement with baby early on associated with boost in mental development
Dad’s involvement with baby early on associated with boost in mental development
Fathers who interact more with their children in their first few months of life could have a positive impact on their baby's cognitive development.

Pedagogy - 12.04.2017
The School of Education signs partnership with UWTSD’s Yr Athrofa
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