New publication in International Journal of Population Data Science (April 2024)

Jen Murphy and Mark Elliot , from the department of Social Statistics have just published a study in the International Journal of Population Data Science.

Using advanced modelling techniques applied to NHS administrative data, they investigated death from COVID in hospital and length of stay for surviving patients in a sample of adult patients admitted within Greater Manchester (N = 10,372, spell admission start dates from 30/12/2019 to 02/01/2021 inclusive).
Their results document that deprivation was associated with death risk for hospitalised patients but not with length of stay. They further find that Male sex, co-morbidities and older age were associated with higher death risk, while male sex and co-morbidities were associated with increased length of stay. Their study also shows that black and other ethnicities stayed longer in hospital than White and Asian patients.

Overall, the authors concluded that deprivation is important for death risk; however, the picture is complex, and the results of this analysis suggest that the reported COVID related mortality and deprivation linked reductions in life expectancy, may have occurred in the community, rather than in acute settings.