New award RBOC N+, Resilience Beyond Observed Capabilities

The RBOC N+, Resilience Beyond Observed Capabilities is a new network of researchers, institutions and industry partners working on forecasting how cities and their systems will deal in 2051 with resilience to security threats. The network brings together academics from the universities of Coventry (lead institution), Cardiff, Lancaster, Ulster and Manchester. Prof Emma Barrett (SoSS), Prof Duncan Shaw (AMBS) and Dr Nuno Pinto (SEED) lead the cross-Humanities team. Together with Prof Pierluigi Mancarella (Engineering) they will be coordinating several of the main challenge areas for the project.

The RBOC N+ will develop new research and engage with multiple stakeholders in resilience to create impact-led outputs to understand how cities will respond, in the long-term future, to security shocks.

Greater Manchester is the main case study of the project, in which a digital twin of GM will be developed to allow policy-makers, defence-linked and urban-linked stakeholders to test and debate urban development and security development options to create the city of the future.

Updated information about the project can be found at here.

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