Mind Over Chatter: What is the future of artificial intelligence?

Season 2, episode 5

Artificial Intelligence can be found in every aspect of our lives. From A-level grade predicting algorithms to Netflix recommendations, AI is set to change the choices we make and how our personal information will be used.

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In this episode of Mind Over Chatter, we explore the future of AI - its potential benefits and harms. We cover topics ranging from how to make AI ’ethical’, how the media representation of AI can colour the public’s perception of what the real issues are, and the importance of an international AI regulatory system.

Dr Beth Singler, whose research explores the social, ethical, philosophical and religious implications of advances in Artificial Intelligence and robotics, told us about the different cultural consequences of AI, and how the way we think about the future of AI reflects more about society today than the future itself.

Dr John Zerilli, author of ’A citizen’s guide to artificial intelligence’ shared his views on the consequences of AI for democratic decision-making.

Finally, Futurist-in-Residence at the Entrepreneurship Centre at the Judge School, Richard Watson, urged us to conceive of the future of AI in terms of ’scenario planning’, rather than predicting the future directly.

Key points:

[10:09]- how we think about the future as reflecting on what we think about the present

[13:38]- Time for the first recap!

[17:55]- the relationship between AI and religion, and the cultural impact of AI

[20:35]- being ’blessed’ and ’cursed’ by the algorithm

[22:04]- democracy and AI. How are we to expect citizens to be informed enough to exercise their voting rights in the best way?

[32:27]- Time for recap number two!

[45:01]- loss of free agency... or did we never have any?

[58:05]- Thinking about the benefit of AI can teach us about what makes a good life