MICRA Research Showcase

A showcase of the diverse and innovative ageing research happening from MICRA and its partners. This will be an in-person Research Showcase on Monday 3rd April at the University of Manchester, to present the latest in ageing research.

The event will begin with a complimentary lunch on the mezzanine level of the Henry Royce Institute, allowing ample time for networking opportunities.

Research presentations

The showcase will kick-off with an afternoon of short presentations exploring ageing research from our colleagues in the Faculties of Science and Engineering, Biology, Medicine and Health, and Humanities. With presentations from senior researchers, post-graduates and early career researchers; we aim to display a varied cross-section of the research that is happening with MICRA’s help at the University of Manchester.

Guest lecture

Finally, we are thrilled to have Professor Janet Lord from the University of Birmingham joining us as our guest speaker. Professor Lord will be introduced by President of the University, Dame Nancy Rothwell, and will give a talk on ’Human Ageing: The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected.’

Talk abstract: Human Ageing: The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected.

We are living longer but not healthier, with adults in the UK on average spending the last two decades of life in poor health. How well we reach old age is influenced by a wide range of factors including biological and environmental factors.

The lecture will cover some of the evidence for the malleability of lifespan and health span and the latest research on extending these metrics. There will be a focus on the role of physical activity in maintaining health in old age, describing aspects of the aged phenotype that are and are not modified by exercise.

About the speaker

Janet Lord CBE, is a Professor of Immune Cell Biology and the Director of the MRC-Versus Arthritis Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research. Her research focuses on the dysregulation of immunity in older age, in particular the decline in neutrophil function and how this compromises the response to infection and tissue injury. She aims to understand the mechanisms involved, and to develop novel therapies to improve immunity in older adults.

This is an event not to be missed for ageing research in 2023.

Please sign up to secure your place as numbers are strictly limited.

Location: Room 1.014/15, Henry Royce Institute, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester.