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Mathematics - Electroengineering - 09.03.2016
Researchers take their research to parliament
Researchers take their research to parliament
Thomas Rogers (UCL Security & Crime Science) has been awarded the Silver medal in engineering for his research poster presented at this year's SET for Britain competition.

Law - Mathematics - 26.02.2016
Lancaster statistician helping to develop new crime-fighting forensic techniques
A Lancaster University statistician is working on an international project to develop forensics techniques to help inform criminal courts. Dr David Lucy, of Lancaster's Mathematics and Statistics department, is working with the Netherlands' National Forensics Institute (NFI), to develop a method of working out how likely it is that glass fragments found on suspects came from crime scenes.

Economics - Mathematics - 25.02.2016
Downside risks to UK economy have increased
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Economics - Mathematics - 08.02.2016
Becoming an Expert: Weihong Ni on bonus-malus systems for car insurance
Weihong Ni is a PhD candidate in the Institute for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics (IFAM) in the University's Department of Mathematical Sciences : "I came to Liverpool more than 6 years ago as

Mathematics - Computer Science - 29.01.2016
Outstanding offers at King's Maths School

Health - Mathematics - 28.01.2016
HIV is still growing, even when undetectable in the blood
A team of international researchers including scientists from Oxford University has found that HIV is still replicating in lymphoid tissue even when it is undetectable in the blood of patients on antiretroviral drugs. The findings provide a critical new perspective on how HIV persists in the body despite potent antiretroviral therapy.

Social Sciences - Mathematics - 27.01.2016
Predicting political surprises and uprisings before they happen
From the Arab Spring to the successful leadership bid by Jeremy Corbyn or Donald Trump's success in the US Republican campaign: Why are so many surprising things happening in politics? New research by the University of Oxford and University College London has harnessed a wealth of digital data and techniques to try to answer this question.

Health - Mathematics - 21.01.2016
Too many minions spoil the plot
If you're thinking of creating a massive conspiracy, you may be better scaling back your plans, according to an Oxford University researcher. While we can all keep a secret, a study by Dr David Robert Grimes suggests that large groups of people sharing in a conspiracy will very quickly give themselves away.

Health - Mathematics - 18.01.2016
Researchers to apply maths to improve healthcare
Researchers to apply maths to improve healthcare
Imperial researchers have been given a funding boost to convert healthcare data into useful tools for doctors, using mathematics.

Mathematics - 13.01.2016
Two Lotto winners sharing 66m jackpot aimed high as Sussex maths expert suggested
Two Lotto winners sharing 66m jackpot aimed high as Sussex maths expert suggested
Two Lotto winners sharing 66m jackpot aimed high as Sussex maths expert suggested University of Sussex maths teacher Dr John Haigh was in demand last week as the national media sought advice from an expert in probability in choosing national lottery numbers.

Health - Mathematics - 16.12.2015
2m grant for University of Glasgow-led soft tissue mechanics research
A new research centre which aims to develop new mathematics for multiscale soft tissue modelling targeted at heart disease and cancer has received 2m in funding. The Engineering and Physical Research Sciences Council (EPSRC) announced today it would be funding the University of Glasgow-led Multiscale Soft Tissue Mechanics (SofTMech) research centre.

Economics - Mathematics - 30.11.2015
Probability of low inflation in 2016 on the rise

Mathematics - Event - 30.11.2015
Maths competition winners announced

Health - Mathematics - 26.11.2015
Could maths help improve surgery scheduling in Wales?
Cardiff experts to develop a 'smart' schedule to help reduce waiting lists and lower the number of cancellations Researchers from the University have secured a major funding grant to develop mathematical models to assist in the scheduling of surgical procedures in Wales.

Physics - Mathematics - 25.11.2015
Exploring the physics of chocolate fountains
Exploring the physics of chocolate fountains
A UCL mathematics student has found that the falling 'curtain' of chocolate in a chocolate fountain surprisingly pulls inwards rather than going straight downwards because of surface tension. "Chocolate fountains are just cool, aren't they!" said Adam Townsend (UCL Mathematics), lead author of the paper based on his MSci project.

Mathematics - Physics - 03.11.2015
Ketchup and traffic jams: the maths of soft matter
The class of materials known as soft matter - which includes everything from mayonnaise to molten plastic - is the subject of the inaugural lecture by Michael Cates, Cambridge's Lucasian Professor of Mathematics.

Economics - Mathematics - 27.10.2015
Oxford-Emirates Data Science Lab will streamline air travel
Oxford University has today opened a new Data Science Lab in collaboration with Emirates. It will see experts from around the University use cutting-edge analysis to help the airline make its services more efficient and customer-focussed.

Economics - Mathematics - 26.10.2015
Maths network will help solve real-world industry problems
Maths network will help solve real-world industry problems
A new European network led by Dr Joanna Jordan at the University of Bath will enable mathematicians across the continent to work together to apply mathematics to a range of industrial problems from speeding up clinical trials of new drugs to improving the accuracy of weather forecasts.

Mathematics - Life Sciences - 22.10.2015
Obstacle avoidance by echolocating bats: it might be simpler than it sounds
Bats compare the volume of an echo in both left and right ears then turn away from the side receiving the loudest echo in order to avoid obstacles, new research from the University of Bristol, published today in PLOS Computational Biology, has found. Echolocating bats can fly through complex environments in complete darkness, swiftly and apparently effortless avoiding obstacles, but it is unclear exactly how they perform this feat.

Health - Mathematics - 22.10.2015
Leprosy and Elephantiasis: new cases could be prevented in ten years
International consortium of scientists conducting urgent research into rates of transmission Leprosy, Elephantiasis and Sleeping Sickness among nine tropical diseases targeted Neglected tropical diseases affect over one billion people worldwid The NTD Modelling Consortium argues that whilst new transmissions of these diseases are falling, new interventions may be needed to prevent transmission by 2025 The life chances of over one billion people

Art and Design - Mathematics - 13.10.2015
Ada Lovelace and the importance of role models

Mathematics - 12.10.2015
You’re not fired! Winning ‘Apprentice’ strategy revealed by statistician
A statistician at the University of Sheffield has revealed the best strategy for winning TV show The Apprentice following in-depth analysis of the background and performance of previous contestants.

Chemistry - Mathematics - 25.09.2015
Comment: How to build the world’s fastest car
Phil Spiers, Head of Structural Testing at the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing, comments on the development of what could be the world's fastest car.

Mathematics - Event - 24.08.2015
Professor Jon Keating appointed new Chair of Heilbronn Institute

Mathematics - 19.08.2015
University of Birmingham School welcomes new Sixth Formers
Enrolment for the first ever places at a pioneering new school's Sixth Form begins tomorrow, as students across Birmingham receive their GCSE results.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 13.08.2015
Magical marks at King's Maths School
Students celebrated their AS level results today at King's College London Mathematics School, with over 97% attaining an A grade in Mathematics.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 05.08.2015
Alan Turing Institute up and running
National institute for the development and use of advanced mathematics, computer science, algorithms and 'Big Data' has announced its first director, and will start research activities in the autumn.

Mathematics - 21.07.2015
How do networks shape the spread of disease and gossip?
A new approach to exploring the spread of contagious diseases or the latest celebrity gossip has been tested using London's street and underground networks. Results from the new approach could help to predict when a contagion will spread through space as a simple wave (as in the Black Death) and when long-range connections, such as air travel, enable it to seemingly jump over long distances and emerge in locations far from an initial outbreak.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 16.07.2015
Sussex to honour inventor of algorithm behind Google's PageRank engine
Sussex to honour inventor of algorithm behind Google’s PageRank engine
Sussex to honour inventor of algorithm behind Google's PageRank engine The Hove-based inventor of one of the world's most important mathematical algorithms is to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Sussex this morning (Thursday 16 July).

Mathematics - 25.06.2015
Engineers develop modelling tool to harness the power of "unsteady air"
The design process for vehicle manufacturers could to be improved thanks to the launch of new computer software that predicts the effects of airflow.

Mathematics - 19.06.2015
Chances of winning the Lottery set to be lower than ever, says Sussex mathematician
Chances of winning the Lottery set to be lower than ever, says Sussex mathematician
Chances of winning the Lottery set to be lower than ever, says Sussex mathematician The National Lottery is introducing more numbers and bigger jackpots in major changes to the game this autumn, but a Sussex statistician says that the chances of scooping the big prize are smaller than ever.

Mathematics - 19.06.2015
Showcase of world’s best science teaching arrives at Queen Mary University of London

Mathematics - 18.06.2015
New charity aims to inspire the next Alan Turing
New charity aims to inspire the next Alan Turing
A new 1.75m fund to support visionary and pioneering pure mathematics at the University of Manchester was announced today, funded from the Estate of Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw.

Mathematics - 12.06.2015
Ants have different ‘standards’ when it comes to choosing a home
Ants use collective decision-making to select the best option when choosing a new home. Until now, the exact way in which they do this has puzzled researchers. A new study, led by the University of Bristol and published in Royal Society Open Science, found that while some are happy to slum it out in anything with a roof, others are so choosy that even the equivalent of a mansion will not satisfy them.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 03.06.2015
Let’s get statted
With than ever at our fingertips, statisticians are vital to innumerable fields and industries. Welcome to the world of the datarati, where humans and machines team up to crunch the numbers.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 01.06.2015
Big Data - getting to the heart of the Information Revolution
Big data has captured the world's attention, with talk of a new Industrial Revolution based on information, and of data being one of the 21st century's most valuable commodities.

Chemistry - Mathematics - 05.05.2015
Professors in Mathematics and Chemistry honoured with Royal Society Fellowships
Professors in Mathematics and Chemistry honoured with Royal Society Fellowships
Fellowship of the Royal Society has been granted to two scientists at Imperial College London this month.

Mathematics - Life Sciences - 01.05.2015
Eight Oxford academics announced as Fellows of the Royal Society
They are among 47 new Fellows announced by the Royal Society today.

Mathematics - Health - 29.04.2015
King's hosts Full Fact - unearthing the statistics behind the general election campaigns
Full Fact, the UK's independent, non-partisan fact-checking organisation, has set up its election headquarters in King's College London's Anatomy Theatre.

Event - Mathematics - 16.04.2015
Education experts are first recipients of prestigious international award

Mathematics - Physics - 20.03.2015
Solving the world's hardest unsolved maths problems
Mathematicians at the Universities of Nottingham and Oxford have won one of the largest ever pure maths research grants awarded in the EU — 2.3m to work on solutions of some of the most famous unsolved maths problems. The Millennium problems are seven mathematical questions which were chosen by a committee of world-leading mathematicians and proposed by the Clay Mathematics Institute in the United States in the year 2000.

Economics - Mathematics - 19.03.2015
Lancaster experts to lead new drive to unlock airport capacity and tackle congestion
A major 2.8 million project is to find ways to address the UK's airport congestion - without relying solely on new airport building and expansion.

Social Sciences - Mathematics - 09.03.2015
Comment: Fact Check: is the UK the most crowded country in Europe?
Catherine Harris, Research Fellow in EU Migration at the University of Sheffield, explores a claim by UKIP that the UK is the most crowded country in Europe.

Mathematics - Life Sciences - 06.03.2015
Scientists SET take their research to Westminster
Three University of Glasgow staff members and one PhD student are heading to Westminster to present research to a range of politicians and a panel of expert judges, as part of SET for Britain on Monday 9 March.

Mathematics - Event - 24.02.2015
Excellence awards for statisticians

Mathematics - 24.02.2015
Average house prices in Oxford ’become least affordable in Britain’
Average house prices in the South East, and especially London, rose even faster during 2014 (January to December) than in the same period of 2013, says new research.

Mathematics - Economics - 17.02.2015
"You’ve got a friend in me" Bringing designers and animators together
Aircraft designers and animators use different digital technologies to achieve the same goal: creating a three-dimensional image that can be manipulated. But a new method that links the two could vastly speed up how product designers create and simulate the performance of their products. Suddenly, we had a method that theoretically offered the manufacturing industry the flexibility the artists enjoy in subdivision Neil Dodgson The adventures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear have been charming children - and adults - worldwide for 20 years this year.

Art and Design - Mathematics - 13.02.2015
QMUL Professor collaborates on Singapore music and mathematics conference

Life Sciences - Mathematics - 12.02.2015
Brain's GPS system influenced by shape of environment
Brain’s GPS system influenced by shape of environment
Patterns created by the brain's grid cells, which are believed to guide navigation, are modified by the shape of the environment, according to UCL researchers. This means grid patterns aren't a universal metric for the brain's GPS system to measure distance, as previously thought. Grid cells in the brain appear to form an internal map of the local environment by signalling periodically to create a 'grid-pattern' that helps animals to navigate, even in the dark.

Mathematics - Computer Science - 28.01.2015
Cambridge announced as one of five key partners in new national Alan Turing Institute
The University of Cambridge is to be one of the five universities that will lead the new Alan Turing Institute, announced the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills today.