Leading Research on the Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in Manchester

The Centre for AI Fundamentals and the Manchester unit of the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) Unit have formally launched at the University.

In an event at the Pankhurst Building, academics representing all faculties and the University’s Industry partners attended to learn about the establishment of these two leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research Centres and hear more about the vision for continued growth.

The Centres aim to solve real-world challenges through collaborative work utilising AI with other disciplines. Central to this is a focus on the fundamental methods being used to power the AI solutions. Advantages will come from leading-edge research breakthroughs in new methodologies for machine learning, with huge potential for cross-disciplinary benefits.

The event provided an opportunity to recognise the early success of the Centre in successfully securing funding in three UKRI calls:
  • Turing AI World-Leading Researcher Fellowship
  • Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Decision Making for Complex Systems
  • AI Hub in Generative Models

This research income is fuelling lots of research at the Centre with AI-focussed work underway that bridges into other fields including robotics, healthcare and sustainability.

Across AI Fundamentals and the ELLIS unit, currently over 25 PhD studentships are underway. It is anticipated that over 30 PhD students will join in the coming years with diverse and interesting opportunities soon to be advertised across the Centre websites and wider University channels.

The 2 largest digital ecosystem of the UK, valued at £5bn, needed a place for those developing its main engine - in other words, a place where AI researchers can focus on AI. As a part of their research, they will want to work with other fields and industry who are our main collaborators.

The Centre for AI Fundamentals is eager to work collaboratively on high-impact problems we can better solve together. Anyone wanting to become involved with the Centre is welcome to engage with us directly or view the website to learn more.

About the Centre for AI Fundamentals (AI-FUN)

The Centre brings together leading AI expertise in collaboration with experts in a range of fields. Led by Professor Samuel Kaski, the goal is to create and develop cutting-edge machine learning techniques to help solve real-world problems. Learn more.

About the ELLIS Unit Manchester

ELLIS - the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems - is a pan-European AI network of excellence which focuses on fundamental science, technical innovation and societal impact. Led by Professor Magnus Rattray, the Manchester unit is one of 41 across Europe. Learn more.