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Health - Law - 09.06.2018
Queen’s Birthday Honours for University of Glasgow

Economics - Law - 07.06.2018
UK companies need to act now to prepare for the loss of the EU right to freedom of establishment, advises Warwick legal expert
The third paper in a new GLOBE Centre Policy Brief Series is published today. The Future of UK-EU Corporate Mobility explores the risk that, after Brexit, UK companies operating in the EU could cease to be recognised by their host nations.

Law - Administration - 04.06.2018
Two research projects awarded funding
The Scottish Government is providing funding for two projects, to be led by researchers from Glasgow and Stirling universities.

Law - Event - 23.05.2018
Birmingham and Jinan look ahead to second year of dual degree teaching

Law - Economics - 14.05.2018
Copyrights, patents and trademarks - how will Brexit affect intellectual property rights?

Innovation - Law - 09.05.2018
Oxford to be key player in new AI accountability project
The University of Oxford is to play a central role in ground-breaking new research to make future artificial intelligence (AI) systems more transparent and accountable. Image credit: Shutterstock The University of Oxford is to play a central role in ground-breaking new research intended to make future artificial intelligence (AI) systems more transparent and accountable.

Law - 04.05.2018
Academics to reflect on progress of feminist movement

Law - 30.04.2018
Syria airstrikes add another ’exception’ to beleaguered parliamentary convention, say experts
A new book launching in Cambridge today explores the parliamentary convention intended to allow MPs a vote on military action.

Social Sciences - Law - 17.04.2018
All that Remains - a new book by leading forensic scientist

Social Sciences - Law - 10.04.2018
World-leading expert in slavery perpetrators joins Nottingham
PA 58/18 The Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham has welcomed a world-leading expert on modern slavery perpetrators as its latest recruit.

Law - Social Sciences - 28.03.2018
Bristol academic gives evidence for new report into free speech at universities

Health - Law - 22.03.2018
Letter to the Telegraph regarding freedom of speech and events at King's

Law - Social Sciences - 12.03.2018
The challenging reality of free speech

Law - 08.03.2018
Mutual inspiration: Verona and Mary

Sport - Law - 22.02.2018
Nottingham Law professor to help tackle corruption in sport

Health - Law - 09.02.2018
New £1.5M study will investigate what the ’best interests’ are of patients who lack mental capacity

Law - Economics - 08.02.2018
Ensuring the continued success of the UK economy as a sophisticated export-oriented service economy after Brexit – new research reviews the options
The first paper in a new GLOBE Centre Policy Brief Series is published today.

Law - 01.02.2018
Air pollution limits for 2018 exceeded in London

Event - Law - 26.01.2018
World-renowned forensic anthropologist joins Lancaster leadership team

Law - Social Sciences - 19.01.2018
Helen Mountfield QC elected Principal of Mansfield College

Innovation - Law - 16.01.2018
Warwick academic helping to shape policy towards the Western Balkans

Law - 14.12.2017
Special recognition for Joshua’s contribution to college life

Law - Social Sciences - 05.12.2017
Professor John McEldowney appointed to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Law - 01.12.2017
New consumer rights guide for new home buyers
King's College London has partnered with The HomeOwners Alliance, Britain's only consumer group for homeowners, to publish the first consumer rights guide for new home buyers.

Economics - Law - 01.12.2017
Risky business – new research explores how corporate law undermines financial stability

Health - Law - 23.11.2017
Tackling the global post-code lottery: new research explores how law can help tackle health epidemics
Research from the University of Warwick is set to improve global health by helping lawyers to think more strategically about the ways in which the law can be used to improve access to life-saving medicines.

Law - Health - 14.11.2017
Outdated housing laws need ’desperate reform’ in the wake of Grenfell
Housing laws are 'out-dated, complex and patchily enforced', according to a major new report which calls for a new Housing Act to be introduced in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy.

Philosophy - Law - 06.11.2017
Questioning the ethics of Euroscepticism
In a UCL Lunch Hour Lecture delivered last week, Professor George Letsas, a specialist in the philosophy of law and human rights from UCL laws, set out some of the ethical underpinnings of the Brexit debate.

Law - Social Sciences - 02.11.2017
Leading institutes partner to provide access to justice for asylum seekers

Social Sciences - Law - 01.11.2017
Action needed to tackle misogyny and gender hate online, say academics

Environment - Law - 31.10.2017
Challenges and oppotunties for EU energy policy
A new book from QMUL's Professor Rafael Leal-Arcas presents, for the first time, a comprehensive overview of the most important research and latest trends in EU energy law and policy.

Law - Economics - 30.10.2017
Sir William Blair appointed as Professor of Financial Law and Ethics at Queen Mary
Sir William Blair has joined the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) as Professor of Financial Law and Ethics.

Law - 26.10.2017
New exhibition challenges abortion stigma through clothing
My Body My Life, a new research-based exhibition, that challenges abortion stigma through clothing, will run next month at the Old Fire Station, Oxford, from 7-11 November 2017.

Law - 25.10.2017
University expands free legal advice service to local public
A Lancaster University Law School Legal Advice Clinic providing free legal advice to local residents is about to get off the ground.

Law - Event - 24.10.2017
Warwick Law Professor shortlisted for crime writing award

Physics - Law - 20.10.2017
Researchers help inspire Scotland’s new laws to ban smacking
The decision by the Scottish government to ban smacking has been welcomed by UCL researchers whose report into the damage caused to children by physical punishment played a key part in framing the proposed new legislation. The research in 2015 by Anja Heilmann, Yvonne Kelly and Richard Watt from the UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care showed that there was ample evidence that physical punishment can damage children and escalate into physical abuse.

Law - Career - 19.10.2017
Durham Law School tackles unacceptable working practices
According to the UN's International Labour Organization (ILO), only one quarter of workers worldwide has a stable employment relationship.

Law - Health - 19.10.2017
Boy, girl... or intersex? Law and gender
Boy or girl? This is one of the first questions all new parents are asked. In a small percentage of cases, the answer isn't straightforward: the child is intersex.

Law - Health - 19.10.2017
Boy or girl? Law, gender and being born intersex
Boy or girl? This is one of the first questions all new parents are asked. In a small percentage of cases, the answer isn't straightforward: the child is intersex.

Law - Religions - 17.10.2017
New Hate Crime Act is needed to address vast ’justice gap’, says major Sussex study
New Hate Crime Act is needed to address vast 'justice gap', says major Sussex study The law on hate crime needs to change, say academics at the University of Sussex, following the publication of a 24-month empirical study. Only four percent of an estimated 110,000 hate crime offences reported to the police result in a conviction and a declared 'sentence uplift' under hate crime legislation.

Law - Social Sciences - 12.10.2017
King's Legal Clinic offers free legal advice on immigration and asylum issues

Law - Philosophy - 12.10.2017
UCL lecturer is star witness in BBC Moral Maze on abortion law
UCL hosted BBC's flagship ethical programme The Moral Maze this week to mark 50 years of the Abortion Act with a lecturer from the university's Faculty of Laws acting as a specialist witness to the panel.

Law - Health - 12.10.2017
’Should it be illegal to run a red light in the middle of the night on an empty road?’
The questions have been released ahead of the deadline day for students to apply to study at Oxford University next year (15 October).

Law - 10.10.2017
QMUL and White and Case launch international arbitration survey
The Centre for Commercial Legal Studies (CCLS) at QMUL has launched its 2018 International Arbitration Survey, carried out in conjunction with Global law firm White & Case LLP.

Research Management - Law - 05.10.2017
UCL among world’s super-elite for law, education and social sciences
UCL has reaffirmed its status as a world-leading university in law, education and social sciences in the latest round of rankings published by the Times Higher Education (THE).

Law - Health - 05.10.2017
Free law advice clinic at the University of Sussex reopens
Free law advice clinic at the University of Sussex reopens Residents in Brighton, Lewes and surrounding areas can access free legal advice at the University of Sussex, now that the Sussex Clinical Legal Education project has reopened after the start of term.

Law - Research Management - 04.10.2017
The University of Glasgow is among the top 50 universities in the world for studying law

Law - Research Management - 04.10.2017
Law at Queen Mary ranked 37th in the world

Politics - Law - 26.09.2017
Labour now the most trusted party to stand up for England
Labour is now the political party most trusted by voters in England to represent English interests, according to new research from Cardiff University and the University of Edinburgh.

Social Sciences - Law - 18.09.2017
Bringing the shocking issue of witchcraft under the UN spotlight
Trade in albino body parts is big business in certain countries with the 'going rate' around £75,000. Witchcraft-related beliefs and practices have resulted in serious violations of human rights including beatings, banishment, cutting of body parts, and amputation of limbs, torture and murder. There are thousands of cases of people accused of witchcraft each year globally, often with fatal consequences, and others are mutilated and killed for witchcraft-related rituals.