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Social Sciences - Law - 24.07.2020
Five UCL academics elected to the British Academy

Environment - Law - 16.07.2020
Landmark case could give ’Rights of Nature’ to endangered forests
In a landmark court case, Ecuador could soon become the first nation to use the 'Rights of Nature' in relation to protected forests.

Law - 11.06.2020
Measures to address ’unregulated’ legal services will enhance consumer protection
All providers of legal services in the UK, whether legally qualified or not, should be registered and regulated according to a major review of legal services, conducted by Stephen Mayson, Honorary Professor of Law at UCL.

Law - 05.06.2020
The Ratline - introducing the new historical thriller by Professor Philippe Sands

Law - History / Archeology - 29.05.2020
Seven Questions with... Conor Courtney

Health - Law - 21.05.2020
Healthcare rationing could see ’unlawful deaths’ from COVID-19, researchers claim
Current medical guidelines risk unlawful deaths of patients - with doctors, hospitals, and even the government potentially liable - if a second peak forces hard choices due to shortages of ventilators and other critical care resources. Hospitals and doctors may end up acting unlawfully - and worse, patients may end up dying unlawfully Jeff Skopek While the initial coronavirus peak is starting to pass - in Europe, at least - without the ventilator shortages many feared, the spectre of a second wave or future outbreak means questions of medical rationing still hold sway.

Health - Law - 05.05.2020
UCL law clinic steps up to offer support during crisis
UCL's Centre for Access to Justice (CAJ) is continuing to offer free legal advice on social welfare issues to ensure that vulnerable adults have a lifeline of support throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Law - 13.02.2020
Jeremy Bentham is on the move!

Law - 11.02.2020
Opinion: We are far from out of the Brexit woods
Despite the passage of the Brexit withdrawal Agreement, the EU may struggle to force the UK to comply with Northern Ireland protocol commitments, argues Professor Ronan McCrea (UCL Laws).

Law - 06.02.2020
University and College Union (UCU) to carry out industrial action in February and March
Strike action is planned for 14 days over a four-week period in February and March 2020, while Action Short of a Strike (ASoS) is ongoing.

Politics - Law - 30.01.2020
Opinion: Myanmar ruling sets important precedent for genocide prevention
The ruling by the International Court of Justice that the Rohingya minority in Myanmar remains at serious risk of genocide sets an important precedent and could help prevent genocide in the future, argues Dr Julie Norman (UCL Political Science).

Law - Economics - 29.01.2020
Looks at the ethical dilemmas of UK intelligence
A new report released today by the Criminal Law Reform Now Network (CLRNN) - a collaboration between academics, practitioners and other legal experts - finds the Computer Misuse Act 1990 (CMA) is "crying out for reform".

Law - Environment - 24.01.2020
UCL holds Brexit panel with EU adviser Stefaan De Rynck

Law - 24.01.2020
Seven Questions with... Jim Onyemenam

Law - 06.01.2020
New Year honour for Professor Sheila McLean

Social Sciences - Law - 19.12.2019
Five Bristol researchers awarded Leverhulme Major Research Fellowships
Five University of Bristol academics have been awarded Major Research Fellowships from the Leverhulme Trust.

Law - 17.12.2019
Baroness Hale appointed Honorary Professor at UCL

Law - Career - 08.11.2019
Centenary of UofG’s first female law graduate and the UK’s first woman solicitor

Law - Social Sciences - 31.10.2019
Why repatriation is important
The question of repatriation is on the table again for negotiation internationally and the discussion has moved on from where it was in the last decades.

Law - 24.10.2019
This Sussex Life: Gary Railton, avian pest controller. "George acts as a natural deterrent""
Avian pest controller Gary Railton talks about how his Harris's hawk George helps to prevent gulls swiping people's lunches on the University of Sussex campus.

Law - 10.09.2019
University of Birmingham launches innovative online qualification in ’green law’

Law - 01.07.2019
How unwanted sexual images are shattering lives
Imagine if you had a sexual image of yourself shared online without your consent. Sadly, this happens all too often and can be absolutely devastating for the victim.

Law - Social Sciences - 26.06.2019
University of Sussex flying the flag for human rights: A community for lawyers and artists

Law - Social Sciences - 25.06.2019
University of Sussex flying the flag for human rights: Migration and refugees

Law - Social Sciences - 24.06.2019
University of Sussex flying the flag for human rights: Free access to legal advice

Law - 14.06.2019
Birthday honours’ joy for Sussex staff and alumnus

Law - 01.05.2019
Law School lecturer aims to make a difference as the youngest-ever Birmingham Law Society president

Law - Event - 15.04.2019
Female legal stories will celebrate the centenary of women in law

Law - Computer Science - 09.04.2019
University of Birmingham AI expert contributes to EU Commission on AI ethics guidelines
The University of Birmingham's Professor Karen Yeung is a member and co-rapporteur of the EU Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, which has just released its Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI in Europe.

Social Sciences - Law - 25.03.2019
South African families set to benefit from clearer understanding of property law
Families living in South Africa's former black townships are set to benefit from clearer understanding and fresh consideration of the laws on property and inheritance surrounding apartheid-era 'family houses', thanks to new research from the University of Birmingham. Dr Maxim Bolt worked with South African-based NGO ProBono.Org to develop a toolkit to help guide discussions to develop policy changes to reduce the risk of people living in such properties - particularly women and children - becoming disadvantaged.

Law - Social Sciences - 07.03.2019
#BalanceforBetter: A royal celebration of Women, Peace and Security

Health - Law - 01.03.2019
Durham professor appointed to UK’s Infected Blood Inquiry

Law - Event - 11.01.2019
Prestigious royal appointment for University of Nottingham law professor

Law - 06.01.2019
Identifies clinical risks and biomarkers that could be used to screen patients with heart condition
Workers involved in fragmented production chains are increasingly exposed to exploitation, modern slavery and human rights violations.

Law - 21.12.2018
Cardiff Innocence Project

Law - Environment - 30.11.2018
Experts call for changes to the law to tackle food poverty in the UK

Law - Economics - 29.11.2018
University of Oxford receives 1.2m for AI and legal services project

Law - 08.10.2018
Hillary Rodham Clinton honours human rights champion Eleanor Roosevelt at Oxford

Law - History / Archeology - 17.09.2018
Birmingham scholars take on unrealistic optimism, a love diary in Cairo and regulating dementia care at Hay

Law - 04.09.2018
Fostering African studies around the world

Law - Religions - 10.08.2018
Boris comments legitimises Islamophobic sentiment says "burqa ban" challenge legal advisor
An expert in international human rights at the University of Sussex has criticised former foreign secretary Boris Johnson claiming his comments on women who wear burqas "legitimise Islamophobic sentiment".

Social Sciences - Law - 06.08.2018
Justice in Wales?
Could a distinct Welsh justice system improve access to justice, reduce crime and promote rehabilitation? The future of the current single 'England and Wales' justice system is being called into question as variations between the laws of the two countries increase.

Law - Social Sciences - 27.07.2018
’Unreasonable behaviour’ most common ground for divorce
What grounds do people give for wanting a divorce? That question sits at the centre of a new Oxford University study which charts the changes in the main 'facts' that husbands and wives give for petitioning for divorce, since the Divorce Reform Act 1969 was implemented in 1971.

Law - Social Sciences - 20.07.2018
Warwick Law Professor elected to prestigious British Academy fellowship

Administration - Law - 12.07.2018
UCL to lead major review of legal services regulation
An independent review into the regulatory framework for legal services in the UK is to be led by Professor Stephen Mayson (UCL Laws).

Law - Social Sciences - 12.07.2018
Pioneering Professor Barbara Harrell-Bond dies

Administration - Law - 12.07.2018
Justice and Jurisdiction project provides important and timely insights
Research being carried out at Cardiff University will help policymakers decide on the future of the Welsh justice system.

Law - Social Sciences - 21.06.2018
Upskirting law welcome, but could go further, expert says

Law - Event - 20.06.2018
Honorary degrees awarded at Encaenia 2018

Law - Social Sciences - 15.06.2018
Kofi Annan opens the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights