Language project approaches target

A major language resource for Welsh speakers, learners and researchers will be demonstrated at the National Eisteddfod before being fully launched next year.

The National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh - or Corpws Cenedlaethol Cymraeg Cyfoes (CorCenCC) - is nearing its target of 10 million words of contemporary Welsh.

The corpus is a collaboration between Cardiff, Swansea, Lancaster and Bangor universities and led by Dr Dawn Knight of Cardiff University.

Visitors to the Eisteddfod will be able to explore tools that have been developed as part of the project to help Welsh language learners, tutors, researchers, and anyone with an interest in the language.

Activities are also taking place for those who wish to learn more about the corpus and its applications.

The project, which received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, began in 2015 and the complete resource will be launched in 2020.

Real-life written, spoken and electronic material from formal and informal sources has been collected from a range of people and places in Wales.

Visitors to the National Eisteddfod have several opportunities to learn more about the project:

  • Tuesday 6 August (15:15) and Wednesday 7 August (15:15), Cardiff University Tent: Hear about the project’s successes and challenges, including how words were collected.
  • Tuesday 6 August (17:00) and Wednesday 7 August (17:00), Societies Tent 1: Watch a demonstration of tools that have been developed to help Welsh language learners and teachers.

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